Our author gang is small, it's true
And we each have our own points of view
Our writing styles are quite unique
But we all invite honest critique
We share our love for the written word
By comparing notes and hints we've heard
Helping each other boost our self-esteem
As we reach for the stars, our hopes and dreams
Offering suggestions, or helping hands
When nothing is going according to plan
Such an awesome gang to belong to
I'm grateful for each and every one of you
© Cindy J. Smith

Erika M Szabo started the blog and the #OurAuthorGang group in June 2017. The first six months we stood on shaky ground, most of the group members joining and leaving, and we worked on strengthening our group work for the common goal, to support and help each other. The core group with a few members developed into a supportive, strong group, and a few new members joined us.
After just a little over a year we wrote over 450 blog posts and in September our blog reached 180,000 page views. 

We’re a good example of what writers can accomplish when they band together.
We offer interesting blog posts every day of the week and we welcome guests on Sundays. Each week we feature a different Guest Author. Our guests and our members write about enough subjects to keep the blog interesting, and we’ll showcase any book in almost any genre, except for erotica.

Our blog topics include: advice to writers, helpful suggestions, articles about famous writers, women in science fiction, plot-outlining and story planning, mythology and folklore, new book releases, audio books, video book trailers, navigating through the technology of our computer age, writing for the movies, and even some character interviews. We also like to make our blogsite entertaining with original poems, flash fiction, humorous stories, personal anecdotes, animal tales, music, and even some handy, helpful gardening, beauty, and household tips. Some articles are one-offs, many are multi-part features, and others are an ongoing series.

We’ve held contests and Best Book Cover Awards and our upcoming Flash Fiction Contest—open to anyone who wishes to participate.

Some things we offer and some things we hope to achieve:
1: A platform for authors to reach more readers.
2: A showcase for books and new authors. 
3: An exchange of thoughts and ideas, knowledge and experience.
4: A place to promote yourself and your books.
5: A gathering place where authors can meet other authors.

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Thank you for visiting our blog!
Enjoy our past and present blog posts


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