Friday, September 14, 2018

Favorite Reviews #5

Our Author Gang Favorite Reviews

Book reviews (good or bad) provide important feedback to the authors and without reviews, a book gets lost in the thousands of other books that are released every month.
Every author appreciates and values the opinion of readers but we’re strongly discouraged from engaging with readers and thank them for their reviews on publishing sites.
The authors of Our Author Gang celebrate and appreciate the readers by posting our favorite reviews between September 10 and 22. Every day a different author of the group posts about their books and quote from their readers’ favorite reviews.
Thank you for your interest in our books and happy reading!

My Favorite Reviews

Every review is precious to me, but there are a few that have really stood out as special:
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The Séance was my first foray into horror, so it was very reassuring to find out at least one reader thought I got it right:
“Simply amazing! This book was heart pounding, nerve rattling and just plain awesome! This is probably my favorite book by Tricia Drammeh so far! A must read for absolutely everyone. Considering Abby is a teenager, her crushes definitely made a lot of sense and had me flashing back to when I was about that age. It's such a great book about being young. I love it.” ~ Maegan Provan, Amazon
Every author wants to hear their reader loved their book so much, they can’t wait to re-read the book:
“Family is family. Love is love, no matter how that is defined by you. This was a really enjoyable way to spend a day. I could hardly put it down. It progresses nicely without seeming to "push" too much. I loved the reminders in here that you don't have to be blood to be family and that what we thought was what we wanted isn't what's best for us or even really what we wanted in the long run. I will more than likely reread this...and I already can't wait.” ~ C. Sullivan, Amazon
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This review made me smile from ear-to-ear because the reviewer not only found the characters relatable, but she also read the book over and over:
“I absolutely loved these books! Kept me entertained and wanting to ready with down to earth and relatable characters. I cannot get enough of these books! I have read them all at least 3 times in less than half month! I would recommend these books in a heartbeat to anyone interested in fantasy type books!” ~ Kristy Fries, Amazon
Reviews are meaningful, not only to the readers who depend upon them to guide their purchases but to authors as well. Writing is a very solitary endeavor and it can feel very lonely at times. When a reader takes the time to compliment (or even criticize) our work, it makes us feel like we’re not so alone. Someone out there is reading the words we so painstakingly wrote. Someone is taking valuable time out of their busy day to offer feedback, and that means the world to us.
I want to thank every single reader who has left a review for my books. I do take every review into consideration and even the most critical reviews are appreciated because they have helped me become a better writer.

If you’d like to learn a little more about my books, you can visit my website or my Amazon page.

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