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Monday, October 19, 2020

Ghost Story

 The Ghost of Prince Akhmose

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A powerful curse cast thousands of years ago by the Grand Vizier. Tanakhmet cursed Prince Akhmose to never enter the Field of Reeds, the heavenly paradise. Why did he want him to linger as a restless ghost among the living, forever?

By reading the hieroglyphs, Layla, a young Egyptologist, inadvertently breaks the curse and frees the ghosts of both Prince Akhmose and the Grand Vizier whose thirst for revenge is stronger than ever.

With Layla’s help, can Prince Akhmose finally cross into the afterlife?

Or perhaps, because of the charms of the mortal woman, he doesn’t want to…

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Fiction Books

 Fiction books by Erika M Szabo

“I followed my dream to become a writer. As an artist, I paint pretty pictures with my brushes, and as a writer, I paint vivid pictures with my words.”

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Saturday, October 17, 2020

When The Raven Calls, Listen!

 A cozy supernatural thriller

Lauren has everything she’d ever wished for. Great career, financial security, loving husband, and devoted friends.

When her Raven spirit guide warns her of impending danger, she takes the omen seriously, but she doesn’t have enough time to perform the protection spell her grandmother taught her. Someone breaks into her office and after the brutal attack and the Raven’s repeated warnings, she knows her life is still in danger.

Who wants her dead and why?

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Sunday, October 11, 2020

My Shorts

 Novellas, novelettes, short stories

Read short snippets from my books, perhaps one or two will catch your attention.
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Friday, October 9, 2020

Family Tradition

 A Halloween story by

“Sara, go put on your sparkly shoes while I talk to your grandma,” Mandy shooed her little fairy out of the kitchen and turned to her mother. “Mom, I have three this year. The first one is a bad man who lives at 21 Mayberry Street. He’s been beating his wife and daughter in his drunken rages for months and the poor woman is afraid to leave him because he threatened to kill her and the little girl if she ever leaves.

“Got it,” the old lady nodded with a serious expression on her wrinkled face.

Mandy continued, “The next one is the shifty lawyer at 13 Viola Street. She twists and turns the law and uses dirty tricks to defend her clients. A rich child molester is free because of her. They both deserve punishment. The man lives at 52 Madison Street in the big mansion.”

“Indeed, they do,” her mother exclaimed and put on a wild smile as she heard Sara running down the stairs. Are you ready, pumpkin?”

“Let’s go, Grandma,” Sarah grabbed the old lady’s hand and pulled her toward the front door. “We don’t want to miss the best candy!”

The next day as the woman opened the front door at 21 Mayberry street, she wondered where her no-good husband could be. She covered her bruised face and winced in pain. He didn’t come home last night. She thought feeling worried. Probably he drank too much and sleeping it off somewhere. I hope he’ll be sober by the time he gets home; he doesn’t get too angry with me when he’s sober.

She picked up the newspaper and as she straightened up, she spotted a large, rotten pumpkin on the bottom step. “This one is rotten already,” she mumbled, picked up the heavy pumpkin and threw it in the compost box in the back.

A weak but angry voice shouted from the pumpkin, “Put me down, you stupid woman! It’s me, don’t you see? I’m gonna kill you, I will!”

But the woman didn’t hear the voice and as the pumpkin hit the pile of rotting vegetables in the box, it exploded into hundreds of little pieces. She filed a missing person’s report two days later, but she and her daughter didn’t miss him, at all. Deep down she hoped that he would never be found.

The lawyer who lived at 13 Viola Street had a court case the next day. She had everything prepared to confuse the jurors, but the first words came out her mouth was, “My client is guilty as hell.”
She stood there feeling horrified as everyone in the courtroom cheered. From that moment on, the woman couldn’t ever tell a lie. She lost all her clients, and nobody would hire her again.
The pervert at 52 Madison Street had an awful Halloween night. He kept hearing the mother’s cries in his mind. The words she shouted at him when the not guilty verdict was announced, cut into his brain over and over. You deserve to rot in hell for what you did! You deserve to rot in hell for what you did!

 He heard the same words in his mind, day, and night, for days. “I can’t take this anymore!” he finally snapped and went to the police station to confess.

He got a long sentence but didn’t find peace. Even the hardest criminals hate child molesters, so his comfortable, rich life turned into a living hell in prison.
A few days later Mandy’s mom stopped for a short visit. “Is everything okay?” she asked.

“Mom, everything is as it should be,” Mandy said, smiling.

“You know, I’m getting too old for trick or treating. It’s time for you to continue the family’s Hallows Eve Magic tradition,” the old lady announced handing her wand to her daughter. “Next year you go with Sara, and I’ll stay home to hand out the candy.” 

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Friday, October 2, 2020

Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Ancestor's Secrets

New revised edition on Amazon

An alternative history fantasy series

Ilona resigns to live the simple life of a small-town doctor, but her life goes into a tailspin on her birthday. She finds out she was born into a secretive, ancient clan still hidden among us. She starts to develop unusual powers which she finds exciting as well as frightening. 

Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Chunky, Dumpy, Spunky Monkey

A read to story for children 4-7 and read alone for ages 8-10

Lucky, the sweet-natured little monkey was bullied by the animals who didn't take time to get to know her. They said she was a dumpy, chunky, silly, scaredy, grumpy, clumsy monkey.
Lucky was sad but instead of feeling miserable, she chose to listen to others who knew her and said she was a kind, lovely, cuddly, bubbly, spunky monkey.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

FREE for 5 Days

Read it FREE December 22-26
A 90 minutes read Christmas story, sweet romance.
Born to a drug addict mother and left on the church steps, Elana’s life was revolving door of shattered hopes and disappointments. Until she met Luca. But cruel fate tore them apart. Will they meet again?