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Books Worth Reading 2022 Catalog

 Reading is Good for You!

Reading improves memory and cognitive ability. When you read or listen to stories, visualize the characters and scenes, and feel the emotions of the characters, your brain releases the "feel good hormone".

This hormone, dopamine, is the primary driver of the brain's reward system. It spikes when we experience something we enjoy. There are plenty of books in this catalog to provide you with many pleasurable dopamine hits.

Read the catalog below and choose from your favorite categories, but be adventurous and explore other genres as well. You might find a few precious gems.

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Restless Heart by Erika M. Szabo

Restless Heart

by Erika M. Szabo

Giveaway ends January 20, 2022.

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Bookish Magazine January 2022

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Monday, December 13, 2021

Restless Heart

 New Release

Born in a brothel in Paris in the early 1700s, Madeleine's future had been decided by her courtesan mother and Madame Claudine. Her innocence at age fourteen would be sold to the highest bidder. She’d be treated as a usable and disposable toy to fulfill her patron’s every perverted desire until he tires of her. Then she’d become a courtesan to entertain anyone who visits the brothel.

Madeleine dreams of a better future. She runs away and finds temporary refuge in a convent, but she doesn’t have too many options when she turns eighteen. Either going back to the brothel, becoming a servant with an uncertain future, living her life as a nun, or becoming a filles à la cassette, one of the King’s Casket Girls, since no reputable man would marry her in France with nothing to her name. To escape her gloomy future, she sails to the New World with hopes for a better life.

What will her future hold? Will she find happiness?

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Hophop's Alphabet Tree

 New book by Erika M Szabo

A fun, rhyming picture book for children 2-7

Available in eBook and paperback:

A fun, rhyming picture book for children 2-7
Hophop, the little bunny, is sad because he can't read his book.
"Did you like the book?" Ollie asked Hophop.
"I never learned to read." He sadly sobbed. 
"Oh, my. I will teach you!" Ollie sighed and replied.
"Can you really?" Hophop’s smile was bright and wide.
Ollie, the wise owl, shows him the entire alphabet and teaches him to read the fun way.
Armadillos can roll into a tight ball.
Bears eat lots of berries in the fall.
Cats have fun playing hide and seek games.
Dragons blow steam and sneeze hot flames.


The Ghost Cat

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We lived in a city apartment, and the time of planning, packing, job searching, and organizing the move to a country house was stressful for everyone. Months before moving day, my young daughter had overheard our conversations and sensed the tension.

We wanted to ease her anxiety, and because she’d been begging to have a cat, we adopted a silver-haired Main Coon. His name was Sir Lancelot on the adaption papers. It took quite a few days before the cat got used to his new home, but eventually, he wandered out of his safe place, that being my daughter’s closet, and discovered every room in the apartment. The shy, timid cat quickly turned into a playful, happy playmate, chasing mice made out of rabbit fur all over the apartment. A few weeks later, when he seemed to be feeling safe with all of us, we took him for his checkup.

CONTINUE READING the ghost story by Erika M Szabo, member of The Author Gang 

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