Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Love's An Adventure At Any Age

Grace Augustine, Author

  My tagline..."Love's an Adventure at Any Age" fits perfectly with my writing genre...love, romance, and life issues.
  We have a tendency to think love is all about the fireworks. While fireworks are nice, they are momentary...blasting the sky with color that soon fades, leaving us a dark sky.
  Love, true lasting love, is a lifetime adventure. If you are fortunate to find that one special person to spend the rest of your life with, the fireworks happen, the tears happen, children happen, death happens. 
  Enter romance. Romance, as I said in my prior blog, is the icing on the cake, the sprinkles on the ice cream, and definitely the bling on love.
   Think of adventure when you think of love. Think of adventure when you think of romance. Love and romance are timeless and each is an adventure in its own right.

My Acorn Hills series was born from the aftermath of a bad relationship. But, once I started writing, I knew the characters I'd introduced in book one, Bittersweet, had their own stories to tell. So, the characters took me from their time in high school through present day. You will read of betrayal, friendships, teen pregnancy, adoption, death of a parent, birth of twins, disease ridden bodies that don't obey, and most of all romance.

An excerpt from Bittersweet, Book 1 of The Acorn Hills Series, free on Amazon 

     “I don’t just want to be normal, Jake. I want to be YOUR normal. But, after what you just said, normal isn’t enough and I will never BE enough for you. I have never denied you anything. I gave you all of who I am and it still isn’t enough.”
          “But, Baby Doll, you know I love you,” Jake interjected as he walked back behind his desk, putting even more space between them.
           Jillian wasn’t having any of it. She stood up and followed him. She began barking at him again, just inches away from his face.
          “I cannot and will not stand by while you charm your way into the beds of other women.  You knew how I felt about all this when we agreed you could stay in my home.  Now I know what it is all about, I’m not just going to sit idly in the same space with you, not saying anything, when you get phone calls and text messages that put this stinking, slimy smile on your face!”
          She seldom ever raised her voice, but it was at a decibel right now where those in the outer office could hear every word. She was so angry! A fire-breathing dragon had nothing on her right now. She fingered the Polish crystal paper weight on Jake’s desk, wondering if she threw it at the window behind him just how many shards of glass there would be surrounding them."