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Meet Myrria and the Guardian Dragons of Asha

Meet Myrria and the Dragons of Asha

Christina Weigand

Hello and let me introduce myself. I am Myrria, a purple dragon and one of the dragons that can be found in Christina’s books, Palace of the Twelve Pillars trilogy. I am not sure how old I am, I just know that I am not the oldest dragon among Asha’s guardians. My mother, Cielo, is the oldest living one. There are others that have gone before us that you don’t need to know about. I also have an older sister Dryas and a twin sister, Adraya. Stefano and Tatsu are two other dragons that you will encounter in the Palace of the Twelve Pillars. Me and my mate Alorn, a handsome, ruby-red dragon, along with these dragons are Guardian Dragons of Asha.

I am one of Asha’s nine guardian dragons and I attempt to guide the princes and their families in the ways of Asha. Asha is the name for God on my world of Ramajadin. I, along with the other dragons I mentioned, are known as Asha’s Guardian Dragons. Our mission is to help the humans and other beings of Ramajadin navigate their path in the ways of Asha. It is not always an easy task and dragons are just like humans in that we can be lured by evil, as you can witness in the trilogy when two of the guardian dragons are lured away from Asha.
But more about those of us that remain loyal. I will share some details about our relationship with the humans, the Kningrad and the Mantion of Ramajadin.

We are not able to communicate and guide a being unless they are open to Asha. Even then we only really speak to everyone in special circumstances. Beyond that, we have a special bond with the Kningrad, for they are closest to Asha. As for the Mantion, we don’t talk to them. They are afraid that we will eat them. I would gladly communicate with them, but they aren’t open to me or the other dragons.



After the Kningrad, we share a special bond with some humans. I share this bond with Joachim, and Alorn tries to share with Brandan, but he is not too cooperative. Of course we can communicate with others, like the Adepts Rupert and Salochin, along with Croifan, but the bond I share with Joachim is something special. I’m not sure I know how to explain it.


Our home is in the Kningrad nation of Imherp, hidden by Asha deep in the Anna Mountain range. The dragons live in the volcanoes ringing the Sanctuary of Nine Dragons, and when Asha calls his Guardian Dragons, we gather. The mountains and sanctuary are beyond the borders of Crato and Imherp and protected by magical shields put there by Asha.  

In the trilogy I share many adventures with Joachim and his family. At the end of the trilogy I received a new mission from Asha and will travel to a planet near you for some new adventures. So Bensvelk Thurkear,  until we meet again. 

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