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Angel Lore: part 2 by Toi Thomas #OurAuthorGang

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Today, in part 2 of my Angel Lore series, I’ll be sharing more angel knowledge with you from the letters F – J, as I work my way through the alphabet (see part 1 here). But first...

The story within my Eternal Curse Series started from a dream I had about a gray man who later turned into an angel. The crazy thing about it is, I don't actually believe people can become angels. When I started writing the first installment of the series, EC: Giovanni's Angel, I knew I'd have to take my personal beliefs and mash them up with 'what ifs' and influences from other lores to make up the compelling story I felt developing in my mind.

Later, I tried to think back to my childhood and remember where the fascination with angels started. I don't recall thinking I had a guardian angel growing up, at least, not until I was a preteen. Growing up in a large family and being around babies all the time, I remember someone telling me that the reason babies often stared into space and giggled at nothing was because they were innocent enough to see the angels and that the angels were playing with them.

To many people, this scenario is a far out idea. To think that our perception and maturity affects our literal ability to see what's around us and the notion that angels are among us is a lot to accept. I would learn later in life that my notions and ideals of angels were not the norm around the world. Not everyone believed what I believed, so that made me wonder even more.

Do people who don't believe in angels lose their angels or do they never have them to begin with? What's the point of having a guardian angel if you can't interact with them? Perhaps, there isn't just one angel to watch over just one person; maybe it's more of a grouping effort. Perhaps one angel watches over several people because divine power allows them to multitask at a measure that is beyond human understanding.

These and so many more questions fuel my fascination with angels, and these are only the questions I have from a Judeo-Christian point of view. There are so many more to consider, but you'll have to wait till part three to discuss some of my other queries... On to the list.

The Fall, has one of three distinct meanings in relation to angels, some more popular than others, but here they are. 1) The Fall of Lucifer from grace/Heaven. 2) The Fall of Angels/The Sons of God who took human wives against God's will. 3) The Fall of man/humanity when Adam and Eve ate of the forbidden fruit (tempted by Satan in the form of a serpent).

The idea of a guardian spirit/angel dates back to the beginning of time, long before it was fully established as a popular Christian idea. In ancient Mesopotamia, massar sulmi, were the personal gods that looked after individuals. An, almost, ancient theologian named Origen can be credited for all those cartoons of little angels and devils on either side of a characters aiding them with the decision to do the right thing or be bad.

Did you know there is a hierarchy of angels? Well, actually, there are several, but the Dionysian one is the most popular. This doesn't necessarily mean that not all angels are created equal in value, but it does define the complexity of each type of angel. I guess historians and theologians figured that if animals and plants were going to be categorized, so should the greater/higher beings leading right up to God. Plus, this idea reflects the social or caste systems of many monotheistic religions where not all gods are created equal.

Here's a bit of name play for those not familiar with bible stories. Jacob and Israel are one in the same, but to explain why here would take too long. There's a bunch of Greek and Hebrew translations involved along with a family saga, a 'calling' from God, and a name change. In any case, I mention it here because aside from it being the name of a country, it's also the name of an archangel. Israel is the angel of praise or the "one who calls the angels to praise", also known as Uriel.

Speaking of Jacob; have you ever heard of a Jacob's Ladder? Aside from being a cool science experiment, it started out as a vision of angels ascending and descending from Heaven, which Jacob had on his way to fulfill is destiny...

Well, that's all I have for today. Stick around this blog so you don't miss part 3 down the road.

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