Sunday, August 19, 2018

Our Guest Today is author Stefan Lear #OurAuthorGang

Today we learn a bit more about author Stefan Lear. Welcome. We're glad to have you with us. Please tell us a bit about your books.
     The stories that I create are dark in nature. Foolhardiness is now mixed with that love of the grotesque and the terrible which has made my career a series of quests for strange horrors in literature and in life. I live in the shadows of the land between dark and light.

How long have you been writing?
     That’s sort of a loaded question. The first time I remember writing and being proud of what I had written was somewhere in the third grade (I’m in my fifties now). Our mother used to sit us down on Wednesdays at the coffee table in the living room and have us write. We could pick our own topic, and Momma would require us to write a one page paper on our cho-sen subject. She would grade us for spelling and grammar.  I think my most memorable paper at that age was “When I become a rock star.”

How many hours a day do you write?
     It varies. I try to stay in my chair and pumping out words at least seven hours a day, but under a tight deadline have stayed up for fifty-two hours straight to pump out  edited words. 

Who is your favorite author and have you tried emulating him?
     That would be Clive Barker. Emulate him? I couldn’t even begin to think that I could write like him. The visual tapestry his words conjure are as close to magical for me as any magic show I’ve ever seen. He writes the most psychologically dense horror stories I’ve ever read. He weaves nightmares and philosophy into new worlds that teem with life and menace and hope.

What has been the most difficult scene you've written?
     It hasn’t been written yet - or more precisely, it hasn’t been released yet. 
Let me explain that. My middle sister (I had three) was violently murdered on July 2, 2017. I know how she got to that point, all the big events that led up to her being where she was, in the condition she was in, when she was murdered, and I was helpless to do anything about it. 
      I’m working on a novel that dives in-depth about the subject. It’s a work of fiction, but there are thinly veiled events that happened in real life that heavily influenced the narrative. It’s an exploration of what I feel around the events, and each time I work on the novel I end up crying, have to stop, and set it aside. After a year, the pain of losing my sister still overwhelms me at times.

Is there anything you'd like to add before we close?
     I think my books are damn good and getting better. Second, I don’t follow one genre. You never know what I’ll write. But there is always darkness in them. Not everything ends nicely and neatly. Life is full of tragedies and personal disappointments. But there is always hope. I like to cover all aspects of that, of life.

Thank you for being with us today, Stefan. 
     Thank you for having me.

Stefan enjoys hearing from his readers and may be contacted at:

***Recommended for readers 18 years and older***

Evil is a constant, not a concept, and Evil won't stop until Paul Logan is destroyed. 
     When his girlfriend is violently murdered by a hound of hell, Paul Logan discovers he can wield magic. Since then, not everything is what it seems. In fact, nothing is as it seems.
     With the help of a mentor, he struggles to learn about his new powers. But when the man who murdered his mother reappears, will he be able to control what happens next. 
     ln a battle filled with blazing guns and formidable magic, Paul attempts to destroy the Evil that wants him dead. His life hinges on his success or failure.