Sunday, January 7, 2018

Our Guest Today is author Ellie Mack

Welcome, Ellie, to our blog. So glad you could join us today.

Ellie received her BS in cartography from Southeast Missouri State University. Since leaving the corporate world for the title of MOM, she has pursued her writing dreams. Nowadays, Ellie charts unmapped territory through her fiction and humor writing. Formerly a columnist for a local paper, her weekly column received a lot of attention. She lives near St. Louis, Missouri with her husband of thirty two years and their college-aged daughters. When she's not writing, she can be found bullet journaling, crocheting or cooking. Ellie loves to hear from her readers and may be found at the sites listed below.

One phone call can change your life...forever.

I've heard it said many times, and I get it, especially if you are a ballplayer waiting for that call to the majors, or if you are waiting for the call that you got the job you were hoping to land. I always thought, however, that most people were just being overly dramatic and using it as a cliche statement.

What if you didn't get that job, but instead got a call from a different company that ended up being a better job?  What if, as a ballplayer, you never get called to the majors, but stay in the minor leagues and wind up being a top-notch coach? What if that call was the worst thing that could happen?

It's always been my view that there are multiple paths that our lives could take. There are numerous opportunities that are presented to us and that one phone call bit was a bunch of hogwash.

Until today.

Until I received that one phone call that changed my life...forever.