Thursday, August 30, 2018

Book Spotlight: Sweet Surrender

Rebecca Tran

Sweet Surrender is the second book in the Dragons of the South series. It follows the leaders of the Southern territories. All of my books are designed as stand alone books. However, the  series is better when read from the beginning. All the the books tie into one another. The previous characters make appearances in Sweet Surrender, not to mention you'll miss all the romance.  

Sweet Surrender is available for presale now. It launches 9/4/18

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After two years Tess is back in Arizona. Her father and her tribe needs her help. As much as she wanted to stay away, she can’t deny them. Some good came out of it at least. Dean is the local werewolf alpha and her current boyfriend. She was beginning to think he was part of the reason she was suddenly pulled home. Then Tess ran into her in a coffee shop. Tess’ world tilted. Mac the reason Tess left Arizona in the first place. She is every bit as beautiful, and she comes with a delicious partner Paxton. Tess’ neat little world is about to get very complicated. Will Tess walk away again or surrender to her desire?

Mac is the new leader of the dragon’s Southern Territory. So far she and her partner Paxton has had one problem after another. They were thrown in the deep end from the start and are barely treading water. Sorting out the problems on the territory is a huge headache that’s left the pair exhausted. The bigger drain on Mac most days though is her relationship with Paxton and their non-existent sex life. She is at her wit’s end until she sees her ex. Tess, the one that got away. When Paxton meets Tess, he finally shows interest in their love life. He is falling for the wrong woman, and Mac is desperately trying not to do the same. Tess broke Mac’s heart once, now she’s worried the same will happen to Paxton. However, both their beasts are pulling them helplessly towards Tess at every turn. Can Mac resist her past love? Can she keep her partner from the same heartache she felt or will they both risk it all for love?

Mac sat down and turned on some music. She hoped the noise would distract her. A minute later she heard the water run in the kitchen and she smiled. Paxton couldn’t help himself. Mac set her wine down and closed her eyes. Paxton’s magic relieved a lot of her stress. She was going to enjoy it for now. 

Paxton came in a short while later and massaged her shoulders. Damn if it didn’t feel good. She hadn’t had a male dragon touch her, aside from the one disastrous night with Paxton, in almost four years. Mac melted into it. Her dragon was nearly purring. She had to stop now before this got out of 

Mac got up. “Alright, your turn,”

“Mac, I don’t need it” Paxton protested.

“Let me do something nice for you.” Mac pleaded.

Paxton relented and sat down. Mac moved behind him. She rubbed his shoulders trying to ignore how broad they were. Then she moved down his back overlooking the muscle that covered it. Mac was trying not to get turned on. She wasn’t succeeding. Female dragons gave off a scent when they were aroused. As a lead, she could hide it for a time, but even a lead had limits. 

Mac yawned and stretched. “I didn’t realize how tired I was.” She moved off towards her room.

Paxton caught Mac’s wrist stopping her. She stared down at him unsure “You always forget I can sense your emotion, Mac. Why are you trying to hide this from me?” 

“You don’t want this Paxton,” Mac explained. 

Paxton pulled her onto his lap and kissed her. Mac wasn’t sure what was happening. Paxton wrapped his arms around Mac holding her close. His hands moved along her ribs leaving a trail of heat where ever they touched. Paxton’s tongue slid past Mac’s lips darting in and out of her mouth teasing her. One of his large hands found her breast. It squeezed gently dragging a moan out of her. 

Mac broke it off just as quickly as it began. She got up heading towards her room. “Mac, it’s not that I don’t want this. I don’t want to ruin our partnership.” He called after her with a growl in his throat. Mac smiled as she went in her room.

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Rebecca is an award-winning author, and blogger. While her first works were fantasy novels, she has branched out into other genres ranging from paranormal to sci-fi. Although, it wasn’t until Rebecca wrote her first dragon shifter series that she fell in love with writing paranormal romance books. 

When not writing Rebecca is a full-time pharmacist and mom. She has two rambunctious girls at home and a spoiled Boston Terrier. When she has free time, Rebecca likes combing antique shops and flea markets for unique teapots to add to her collection. She also enjoys sewing and quilting. For more information on her or her work visit her website  or her page on Our Author Gang.