Thursday, March 21, 2019

A New Breed of Vampire

Rebecca Tran

Have you ever wondered what would happen if vampires were the good guys yet still vampires in the truest sense of the word? I cut my teeth so to speak reading Anne Rice, so vampires to me will always be dark, powerful, and sexual creatures. When I decided to write my own vampire novel I wanted them to be the good guys. So my vampires became God's vigilantes, His chosen children that hunted the wicked and sent them to hell. A friend asked me once if my vamps were like those in Twilight I laughed a little and replied my vamps could eat them for breakfast. 

For Their Sins is an award winning first hand account of the very long life of Alexandria Diego.

Over 300 years Alexandria Diego has had her share of lovers. Some of them, she even loved. All she ever wanted was to find the one; that special person she could spend the rest of her life with. She’s survived political subterfuge, sword fights, Mordere raids, a war, and worst of all the male ego. But, now she’s found him; the one male that was destined to be hers. The only problem is the leader of the Mordere and her sworn enemy, Anya Drake, took him. Now she must risk it all to get him back.

I relaxed in the water with the fire blazing in the hearth. My door opened and closed ever so slightly as Savas slipped in, I glanced at him, but said nothing. I was unsure what he was up to. He took a brush from my bed table let down my hair, and then brushed it out. When he finished, I heard him moving about behind me. I figured I would let him pace a bit. He would tell me what he wanted when he was ready. I leaned back sinking into the warm water with my eyes closed. I did not open them again until I felt Savas step into the tub.
I looked at him surprised, and he smiled a sheepish grin. “I did not see the point in drawing two baths when we could share.”
“Did I say you could get in?” I asked. He stopped smiling truly thinking I was upset. I moved in closer to him and dipped my head back to wet my hair. I was very aware of his eyes on my breasts as I did so.  “You will just have to help me then. Will you wash my back?” I pulled my hair over one shoulder. Savas let out a low guttural laugh similar to the one he had before we went on a hunt. He took the soap from me and nipped my neck.
That was the most erotic experience of my life, and we did not have sex or even touch each other in that manner. We simply bathed one another. I am still not sure how I managed to wait until I had Senya cart away the water before I slipped down the hall to Savas’ room. I glanced around to be sure there was no one near before going inside. Why I cared, who saw I do not know, but at that point, I wanted to keep it a secret.
Once inside I realized I had never actually been in Savas’ room before. It was the same size as mine, but his bed was pushed against one wall with a window covered by heavy drapes over it. A large leather couch sat in front of the fireplace with stacks of books around it. Another chair flanked the door, and an armoire was on the far wall. Tapestries covered the wall and rugs covered the floor. Needless to say, it was not what I was expecting. The door shut behind me and I nearly jumped. Savas leaned against the door frame with no shirt on and his hair still down. The only light in the room came from the fire, and it highlighted every feature. He was gorgeous.
“What happened to our deal Xandria?” he asked in a whisper.
“I think we need to re-examine it,” I told him.
“Tomorrow?” He asked.
“Tomorrow.” I agreed. He swept me up into one of his intoxicating kisses, and I didn’t care about anything else. 

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I am a mother, author, and pharmacist. I love all things fantasy and science fiction. If you asked me to choose between Star Wars and Star Trek, I can't, but the original 3 movies were the best and Next Generation is still great. I am currently working my way through Naruto Shappuden (only 400 episodes to go) so you can add anime buff to the list of my nerdy qualities. At the moment I am on an involuntary writing hiatus, meaning I have writer's block. If you would like to learn more about me please visit my website, to learn about my other books check out my store.

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