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New Release

Children's adventure for ages 5-12 

What will the boys find in the old bakery?

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One of our author, Rebecca Tran, had been announced as a semifinalist in the Golden Quill Award Contest in the Paranormal and Sci-fi genres.

New release by Erika M Szabo

Magical realism, alternate history, epic fantasy trilogy

New Release by Grace Augustine

Sci-fi anthology

Find everlasting love in the clouds. Go back in time. Spring into the future. Soar on the wings of magic. 
Discover Legends of Fate, Destiny, True Mates, and Forever Love that’s written in the Stars.
Take flight with fifteen amazingly talented bestselling authors as they bring these special Dragons to life. In each life-changing journey you will see that the heart gets what the heart wants, happily ever after is so much more than simple words at the end of a Fairy Tale, and Dragons prevail no matter the time, place, or obstacle. 
This is Stoking the Flames II – spread your wings and soar with our Dragons. Once you’ve touched the clouds, felt the wind in your hair, and held the power in your hands, you will forever fly high.

New release by Joe Bonadonna and Erika M Szabo

Amazon b&w PRINT:
B&N b&w PRINT:
B&N color PRINT:

New release

Congrats, Grace Augustine!

Createspace for paperback:

Award Winners
Erika's book was one of the winners of the Golden Quill Award Contes, 2017

This children's book co-authored by our author gang members
Joe Bonadonna and Erika M Szabo
Won the Golden Book  Judges Choice Award

Read pages from this book on this link: 

This bilingual children's book by Erika M Szabo
Won the Golden Book, Readers' Choice Award

Read pages from this book on this link:


  1. Great-looking new page, Erika! Congratulations and good luck, Mackenzie!

    1. Thank you, Joe! I appreciate it! I agree, Erika has outdone herself this time :-)