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Founder and manager of #OurAuthorGang

I became an avid reader at a very early age, thanks to my dad who introduced me to many great books. The writing bug bit me much later, on a rainy afternoon, when I couldn’t find any new book to read. My daughter had enough of my moping around and snapped at me, “Mom, stop whining! If you haven’t a book to read, then write one.” Her challenge shocked me, but I started playing with the idea and I’ve been writing stories, that I like to read, ever since. I write alternate history, romantic urban fantasy, historical suspense novels as well as fun, educational, and bilingual books for children ages 4-12 about acceptance, friendship, family, and moral values such as accepting people with disabilities, dealing with bullies, and not judging others before getting to know them. I also like to encourage children to use their imagination and daydream about fantasy worlds.

The ToiBox of Words 

Clean adult and children's books
Of Our Author Gang

I'm a former special education teacher’s assistant, currently working as a behavioral therapist, and I find comfort and peace of mind in chocolate, green tea, and naps. My husband and I have been married for twelve years and share our home with a tortoise named Betty and a Redbone Coonhound named Margie, who’s totally taken over the house.
I entertain paranormal fans with my Eternal Curse series; an angels, demons, and others tale with a Christian world-view. I stretch minds and imaginations with my short story collection, Legend of the Boy…, featuring works of science fiction, paranormal, fantasy, romance, and suspense. Glorie Townson, my alter ego and pen name, brings along a bit of romance and comedy in the first book of my Sayings Series, It’s Like the Full Moon. I’ve even delved into the world of educational children’s books to enlighten and entertain little minds. I hope I have something for the whole family.
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Heroic fantasy, sci-fi, children's books
Hello out there in cyberspace! I write Heroic Fantasy, Space Opera, Sword & Planet Sci-Fi, Sword and Sorcery Fantasy, Children's Books, and I also dabble a bit in Horror stories. Here's a little bit more about me and my books. Although I wrote my first short story in 1962, when I was in 5th grade, I also played guitar in rock and roll bands between 1964 and 1984. But I kept on writing stories all throughout grade school, high school, college and beyond, even though my guitar kept me quite busy. But finally, in 1984, I hung up my guitar for good and concentrated solely on my writing. I sold 2 short stories around that time, then spent many, many years after that working on my craft, off and on, until one day, things began to happen....
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I originally studied fine and commercial art, way back when dinosaurs walked the earth and eBooks weren't even a gleam in Amazon's eye. I started my career as a graphic artist as the sign maker at the old Nut Tree in Vacaville, California. After a stint at a print shop (ouch), I began working as a book designer for Bill Yenne at American Graphic Systems. While working for Bill, I wrote my first two books, "Ghost Towns" and "100 Medical Milestones That Shaped World History."
After the book market tanked in the mid-90s, I went on to a government job where I wrote, designed and produced newsletters for in-house and clients, annual reports, and materials for special projects, including the North Bay Stand Down for homeless and at-risk Veterans.
Through the years, I've written numerous how-to, informational and news brief-type articles for websites such as SFGate, AZ Central, DailyPuppy, LiveStrong, PawNation, eHow and more.

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YA Christian fantasy, children's books
Christina Weigand’s a writer, wife, and mother of three grown children and a teenage daughter. She is also Nana to four granddaughters. She lives with her husband and youngest daughter in Pennsylvania after a short sabbatical in the lovely state of Washington.
She received her BS in Interior Design in 1995, but after a few years of working in the industry God redirected her path with the addition of a fourth child to the family. So she returned to being a stay at home mom, but having been out in the world of school and work she realized she needed a little more, so she took several writing courses and started her second career as an author.
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Tricia Drammeh is an author, editor, and blogger who lives in New Hampshire with her family. She writes a variety of genres including YA multicultural fantasy, contemporary fiction, and poetry. Through her blog and her book, The Essential Self-Publishing Guide, she is dedicated to helping aspiring writers achieve their dreams of becoming published authors. When Tricia isn't working on her latest novel, she can be found walking her dog, devouring books, or drinking tons of coffee.

Fantasy, romance
Rebecca is an award-winning author, blogger, and book reviewer. While fantasy tends to be her primary genre she also dabbles in paranormal, romance, and sci-fi. Currently Rebecca has one epic fantasy series titled The Chronicles of the Coranydas. Rebecca likes writing in the the first person as well. Her paranormal fantasy For Their Sins and her Sci-fi action/adventure Neutral Space are both written in this style.
When not writing Rebecca is a full time pharmacist and mom. She has two rambunctious girls at home and a spoiled Boston Terrier. When she has free time Rebecca likes combing antique shops and flea markets for unique teapots to add to her collection. She also enjoys sewing and quilting.


Lorraine Carey is a retired children's reading specialist, teacher, and an International Award-Winning Author. She has taught in many states in the US and provided reading services for students at a private school on Grand Cayman, where she lived with her husband for nine years. She was a city gal living in Orange County, California until fate whisked her to the Caribbean where life was very different from the one she was accustomed to. Trading in her fashionable heels for flip-flops was quite a change but led to a lifestyle that allowed for a writing career to flourish.
Her love for paranormal stories and urban legends began at a young age when staying up all night to watch spooky movies or reading a scary book started a lifelong passion.
Lorraine is no stranger to the paranormal, as she has encountered many unexplainable events during her lifetime. Many of those events have been woven into her fiction tales.


Paula J. Mann was born in a small town in Italy in 1973. She graduated from the Art Institute of Perugia (Italy), but continued her educational path at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and graduated in Geosciences at the University of Perugia. Not seeing any great career chances she moved to Germany, where she enrolled in the Faculty of Geosciences in Tübingen and graduated in Applied Environmental Geosciences. Her wanderings were not yet over, and soon after the graduation, she moved to Finland where she started a career in engineering geologist. During her career, she edited and written several scientific papers, but she could not forget her artistic background, so she started to write novels. None of those was meant to be published, until one day, encouraged by one of her best friends, she decided to share her stories with the rest of the world. She doesn't like a particular genre, and the best way to describe her production is, perhaps "fiction, drama". She likes to tell stories about what she observes around her. She loves traveling and photography, and from those experiences, she gets the most of her inspirations.


After being a "struggling" actor in Los Angeles for many years, I returned home to St. Louis and turned to writing. I have had four novels published: I'm No P. I.; A Ghoulish Good Time; Murder, Vampires and Leprechauns and For They Shall Wait.

I have been a member of Goodreads for some years now, but for a year, in 2015, I was in a rehab house--my MS finally took its toll on my body. I'm back now; I know both physical and mental pain, and I need much laughter to endure it all. Hopefully, my novels do just that--give much laughter.

I live in the same village where I grew up; with my husband and my children and my cats and my dog, across the road from my Mum and Dad and just down the road from my sister and her beautiful family. Three days a week I work as a primary school teacher and my weekends are filled with family but now for two days I get to indulge in my greatest passion, where I weave my stories and build my characters and plot surprises at every turn of a page. Book Two of the Mysta Prophecy is scheduled to be released next summer. Yes I write slowly; but not quite as slowly as I once did!

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Sci-fi, distopian adventure, supernatural tales

Nicola McDonagh is known for her unique writing style and is the author of the unconventional sci-fi/dystopian Song of Forgetfulness action-adventure series. 
Nicola has won short story competitions and was given a Certificate of Excellence Award by All Authors Promotions for her short story collection Glimmer.
She spends her time running around her big garden following bats, gazing at the moon, working on her weird characters and looking for something unusual to photograph.
She also teaches photography, creative writing, and her other passion, cooking, to the young and old alike.

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