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January 1
Happy New Year!
By #OurAuthorGang

January 4
Sci-fi Film Classics: Them
By Joe

January 8
What are you reading?
by Tricia

January 11
My favorite painters and composers: Part 1
by Erika

January 13
Promo Day
by Erika

January 16
Why do authors write?
by Erika

January 20
Book promo Sunday
By Erika

January 2
by Cindy

January 5
Author branding
by Karina Kantas

January 9
Charles Williams and the Inklings
by Christina

January 14
Cover Reveal
by Erika

January 17
Would you read this? #4
by Toi

January 21
On the horns of a dilemma
by Rick

January 3
by Toi

January 6
Promo Sunday
by Erika

January 10
The number 19 and me
by Rick

January 12
Guest author: Vera Nazarian
by Ruth
 January 15
Women in Sci-fi
by Ruth
January 18
The perils of online dating
by Joe