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Author Branding by Karina at #OurAuthorGang

 Author Branding
by Karina Kantas
Posted by Erika M Szabo
The photos in this post are Karina's designs and added to the blog with her permission.

Why is it so important to have a branding? It's what identifies you. This is especially important for an author. There are so many of us now, that we need to stand out and be identified with unique branding.
People will see your logo and branding and now that it’s yours. The branding must represent you as an author and your books.
Once an author has a branding and official logo, they need it to be seen all over social media. Use it for merchandise and author swag and just make sure it’s seen everywhere.
An author should have only one branding. Changing it can create problems and become costly.
If you have a logo but it needs updating, be ready to create a big marketing plan around this as ALL your customers need to know. This includes changing your merchandise as well.
If you're just starting out and need a logo and brand, Author Assist can help you with that.
I will arrange a conference call where the two of us will brainstorm and come up with your branding concept. Once we have that we can start talking about the logo. This is the mark that identifies you.
Prices for branding and logo design start from only 35e
Below are some of my author logos and branding and the concept behind them.

Karen J Mossman - The Magic Of Stories

I first designed Karen's original logo and branding banner a few years ago.  After a chat, we both decided it needed an upgrade. We couldn't change the branding as Karen had been using this for many years. It just needed updating with colour and a design that would stand out and be remembered. I won't go into the concept as it's obvious from the images what Karen does and writes about.

Scott Mosses - The Laughing Warrior
Scott writes very political but humorous science fiction.  In fact, his novels, have many sub-genres. But what they do have in common is each story has a hero, whether it's an angel or man/ woman on the street. But it's Scott who is the writing warrior for the subject matter he covers and the laughing part comes to from his humour, even when writing about controversial subjects.
We went through quite a few designs, but I kept coming back to a rune stone. The symbol is for a warrior and the little smile we added covered the humour laughing part. 

Victoria Saccenti - The Essence of Romance
Although Victoria is the author of historical romances, her future books would not be in that genre. So instead of just having a romance author branding, we had to come up with a concept that was original and memorable.  We brainstormed a list of words that referred to the kind of romance she writes. We come up with The Essence of Romance. The first image that popped in my head was of a perfume bottle and either her initials or a love heart to come out of the top looking like essence. My concept was brilliantly designed by Kim from The Kilion Group.

Wesley Britton - Alien Vision

Wesley will always be known as a science fiction author, even if his sci-fi does go into sub-genres, because of his amazing sci-fi series The Beta Earth Chronicles. The first thing we worked on was the logo. I picked this symbol as it a very well-known symbol in science. It was also important to show or add the fact that Wesley Britton is blind and has lost all sight in both eyes. Quite remarkable if you learn of all that he's achieved. So that's where the eye in the middle of the symbol came from and to make it more alien looking, I used the same colour as one of the key characters in The Beta- Earth Chronicles.  Again, with the branding, I wanted to add something that would represent him as an author and his strength. So that's how Alien Vision came about.
And it was humbling to see my logo and branding on official merchandise.

Here are some more logos I have designed.

See more designs by Karina:

Author Assist offers author services to any author, no matter the genre they write in or whether they are already published or not. This help is affordable and will suit every author’s budget.
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