Sunday, January 13, 2019

Promo Day at #OurAuthorGang

Book Promo Sunday

We're starting a new tradition at #OurAuthorGang.
Every Thursday we'll add a book promo post to our Facebook page:

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We'll pick four books from the post to promote on our blog.
Enjoy this week's selection:
Heroic fantasy
Valdar is a city of swordslingers and necromancers, witch cults and halfhuman races. It's a city in a world of darkness, black magic and creatures of the night . . . a city where demonic entities serve the needs of any witch or magicman who can open a doorway into their domain.
This is my city. This is my world.
With a special dowsing rod, I can detect the ectoplasmic residue of any supernatural presence or demonic entity and sense the vestiges of odylic power and vile sorcery used in the commission of crimes. I hunt anyone and anything that poses a threat to the people of my city. My name's Dorgo. Folks call me the Dowser.
Have you ever wondered why it seems authors are often whining about book reviews? What's the big deal anyway? How much of a difference could your one book review really make? In this opinion piece, ten-time self-published author and blogger, Toi Thomas, discusses candidly why book reviewing culture isn't what it should be. 
This is not a book about how to write book reviews and it is not a how-to book for authors to gain book reviews. This is a book about reevaluating your thought-process and opinions about book reviewing culture. 
Toi Thomas clearly understands that "Ain't nobody got time for book reviews" when there are so many more important things for a book lover to do. Right? Plus, you can read this book from cover to cover in less than two hours.100% of proceeds go to support Lit Carnivale, a book fair in the making.
Ethan is a liar. He can’t help it, he doesn’t even realize he’s doing it, but he lies to everyone he meets, and he doesn’t know how to stop. 
Cut off from those around him, Ethan finds himself at the door of Dr. Wright, agreeing to a radical treatment. Ethan will leave his home of Boston behind to tour the world, and, given a plane ticket and a course of experimental medication, change his life forever.
But when, mid-treatment and a thousand miles from home, Ethan is accused of murder, how can he, or the embassy, or even his closest friends defend him? After all, Ethan can’t remember where he was the night the murder happened – all he knows for sure is he was with the woman just before she died.
With his freedom and sanity at stake, the truth seems to be further from Ethan’s grasp than ever. But then, if he wants to keep his freedom, perhaps lies are all he can depend on. 
Adult humor
Jim grew up in a house that has a lot of love, love of family, love of cars, love of technology. Now in his thirties, he wants to find the same love and passion he witnessed with his parents. His desperation to find that love has taken him down roads best left untraveled. Then he meets her, the woman he believes he can have that perfect relationship with. Their first date, takes off faster than his car, can he really keep up?

High Speed Hearts contains graphic language and descriptive content. Suggested for readers over 18.

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