We started offering contests for authors in 2018 and we will expand our contest in 2019 to authors, artists, and readers as well.

Our goal is to create a relaxed, fun platform where everyone can browse our Post Gallery to find entertaining and interesting posts to read and browse our Guest Gallery to meet new artists and authors.

Scroll down the page and enter the contests that you find interesting, and join our Facebook Group to meet new friends and connect with authors and readers.

October 2018 Flash Fiction Contest
See the contest winner stories HERE

June 2018 Book Cover Contest
The Contest is closed and the winners announced

We held a friendly book cover contest from June 2nd to June 9th and the readers' Choice and Our Author Gang Choice winners were announced on June 10th on this PAGE

Best Bookish Video Contest
Submission: 2018 September 16 to April 24, 2019

The four winners will receive a winner's badge, the videos will be added to our video page, and will be promoted on our Facebook page and group, Google+, and Twitter page. 

Authors, bloggers, and vloggers, this is an opportunity to share your content and receive feedback; plus, you could win a prize.

This is a blog hop!
Book Trailers: 2 mins or less.
Featurettes: 2-5 min.
Sample Readings: 2 min or less.
Vlogs: 15 minutes or less. 

For "Contest Entry" list the type of video followed by the video title. Please choose only one category. 
For "Linked to" please list a direct link to your scheduled post.

Email us your video or Youtube link to:
Add the subject line:
Video contest 2019

The blog hop and voting will begin on April 25 and will close on April 30.
The winners will be announced on May 1.

June 2019 Book Cover Contest
Submission: 2018 September 16 to June 24, 2019

The winner books of each category will receive winner badges, will be added to our genre pages, the authors will have an option to be a guest author on our blog and will be promoted by the Author Gang on our Facebook page, Facebook group, on Google+ and on our Twitter page. The winners also have a chance to be featured in our summer Author’s Day Celebration and added to our Guest Post Gallery.

Three Reader’s Choice winners will be chosen by blog visitors' votes in TEN categories including subgenres:
Fantasy, paranormal/horror, sci-fi, non-fiction, romance, suspense/mystery, young adult, children's, general fiction, and poetry.

Sorry, no erotica or explicit book covers.

The voting will be held June 25 to June 29 and the 9 winners will be announced June 30th.

Email us your book cover picture with genre and Amazon link, or if the book is not published yet, state it in your email, before June 24, 2019

Add in the email subject line:

Book Cover Contest, 2019

Follower Appreciation Giveaway!
Coming December 2019

Coming in December

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