Saturday, March 24, 2018

Book Spotlight - Whisper Gatherers - Nicola McDonagh

From the author of The song of Forgetfulness  Cli-fi/Sci-fi/Dystopian Series 

Book 1Whisper Gatherers.

On Sale for only 99c!!

What if your last day at school turned out to be your first day as a rebel warrior?

“Think,'Lord of the Flies' meets the wild children in 'Beyond Thunderdome.”

In a land disfigured by famine and disease, panic spreads throughout the scattered population when the Agro Empire cuts food supplies. Soon, special children start to disappear.
Now, starving Renegades are gathering, ready to storm the last haven in NotSoGreatBritAlbion. Whispers of a saviour have brought them to the perimeter fences. They want Adara, Catcher of Birds.

“If you like action, and science fiction then you’ll appreciate one of the first books EVER that gives you high powered adrenalin with chilling revelations of utter suspense!”

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