Friday, March 16, 2018

The Tale of Kaimin and Kellar #OurAuthorGang

Rich Feitelberg

The wizards of Davenar attempted to put an end to war with a spell of peace and prosperity for all. The spell went horribly wrong, and the city was destroyed unleashing demons upon the land. Some humans survive to father other groups in later years.

In response the elves, led by King Argol leaped in action, mobilizing their forces to combat the new evil that threatened the world.

Let me pause here and explain that the elves were given a powerful artifact by their gods when they first entered the world. It is a magic crown, a silver circlet set with seven gems. The story of the crown’s creation is told as the Tale of Kaimin and Kellar. It goes as follows:

Kaimin and Kellear were twin brothers who lived before the making of the world. Kellear was ruler of water, oceans, rivers, and lakes. Kaimin was lord of the earth and crafter of jewels, silver, and gold. Together they shaped many lands. Yet both were sometimes quick to anger. And in that rage, Kellear would often flood the coast and Kaimin would cause lava to erupt, creating new areas of dry land and conquering the sea.
They argued constantly, like most brothers, over the smallest points: a length of coast, the course of a river, or the size of a lake. They seemed not to care so long as they argued. Yet they agreed on one thing — the beauty of Lothanna.
Lothanna, giver of fruits and flowers, trailed after Kellear and Kaimin and flowers grew where she tread. Now Lothanna’s beauty was second only to Elas’, Queen of the Heavens; and, early after the world began, Kellear and Kaimin both swore oaths of love to Lothanna.
Yet Lothanna could not choose whom she loved best. To help her settle the matter, she devised a contest: each brother was to demonstrate his love for her. Kellear made fine water sprays that caught the sunlight and created rainbows over Lothanna’s gardens and orchards. Kaimin crafted silver inlaid with seven gems, to create a circlet for Lothanna.
And when Lothanna saw the circlet, she loved Kaimin best. Kellear was furious and flooded the land with a great storm. He disappeared after that, preferring to be alone. And they say on cold, windy nights, you can hear Kellear’s lament of loneliness and unrequited love.
Lothanna gave the circlet to the elves subsequently and within, King Argol and the elves went to fight the demons. More on that in my next post.