Sunday, July 29, 2018

Our guest today is Liberty Blake #OurAuthorGang

Welcome, Liberty! So glad to have you with us today!

   Liberty Blake gave up her position as the head of a multi-million dollar non-profit corporation to stay home, raise her children, and be the caretaker of her grandmother.
   She is proud of her children and happy with the choices she made. However, there is a small part of her that wishes she had accepted the job offer that would have required her to travel internationally several times a year. The first assignment would have taken her to Paris in the springtime.
   Over the years she has been a radio disk jockey, a news director, a cocktail waitress, and many other things. 
   But writing has always been in her heart while she worked at jobs to gain life experience and put food on the table. 
   Liberty began writing stories on a toy typewriter that was replaced with a real typewriter when she was nine. She has slowed down at times, but she has never stopped writing.
   Liberty loves objectifying beautiful men, walking on the beach, in the woods, climbing mountains (ok, hiking up a small hill), and writing about rich men and the women who love them in spite of their money.
   She loves hearing from her readers and may be reached at:

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