Saturday, July 7, 2018

My Man Mango

Rebecca Tran

If you've read my bio you already know I have a Boston Terrier. I mention him in there because he's a
member of the family. Right now he's the man of the house too. My girls call him their brother and I call him my baby. Needless to say he's spoiled rotten. His name is Mango. That's right Mango, just like the fruit. His full name is Mango Peach Tran. I know its a very odd name for a dog, especially a boy dog. I thought I should explain how that happened and how Mango came to live with us.

Two years ago shortly before moving into our new house we had to euthanize our last dog, Oreo. It was a sad day and I couldn't stop crying. He was my first dog and a Boston as well. I didn't think I would want a dog for a long time. Then we moved into the new house and it was too quiet in the evening. There were no nails clicking on hardwood or snuffy noises from a little dog nose. It wasn't a home without a dog.

I researched other breeds thinking if we were going to change now was the time. In the end Boston's were still the best choice for our family. I tried a few shelters that specialized in Boston rescues but the wait for a dog was terribly long. In the end I had to find a breeder.

A short yet thorough search led us to a reputable breeder that rarely bred her dogs. We were in luck though she had a litter due soon. We had to meet her in person and I was surprised when I figured out she was screening us. A few weeks later she sent us a picture of our new puppy and asked what we wanted to name him. What a great question.

Mango was supposed to be the kids dog so they got to pick the name. I threw out several suggestions: Hunter, Shadow, Domino it
was a no to all of them. I laughed and said they should just do what they always joked about and name him Mango. Big mistake, it was an instant hit. I couldn't talk them or my husband at the time out of it. Then I realized his last initial was T. It was too funny to me. Mango T. sounded like a beverage. I pointed it out and said we might as well go for it and make his name Mango Peach T.

Mango came home with us when he was 12 weeks old. We met the breeder and most of Mango's brothers and sisters. At first, he didn't want to leave the only home he ever knew. With lots of love and cuddles he was coaxed into thinking it might not be so bad. Two years later he wouldn't have it any other way. 

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