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Angel Lore: part 5 by Toi Thomas #OurAuthorGang

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Today, in part 5, the finale, of my Angel Lore series, I’ll be sharing more angel knowledge with you from U – Z, as I complete my trek through the alphabet (see part ONE, part TWO, part THREE, and part FOUR). But first…

Do I believe in angels? Yes, I do.

I’ve come across many depictions of angelic encounters and find that they, or beings like them, have a place in almost every major religion and culture. Many even believe the existence of angels might be extraterrestrial. Who really knows? I simply enjoy the journey of finding out and learning about a concept that reaches across racial and religious lines. What can I say? I really like angels. That's why I write about them in my Eternal Curse Series.

On to the list…

Usiel (strength of God) is said to be a fallen angel who was among those that took human women as wives and brought about the Nephilim.

Valkyries (not for just blockbuster movies) are the horse-riding, sword-wielding angelic army of all female warriors presiding over the battlefield, deciding who lives or dies before carrying off the virtuous to Valhalla.

Angels weren’t always thought of or depicted with wings. It’s an idea that has gained and lost popularity many times in history but seems to be the standard now. Scholars attribute much of that to the association of the ‘soul’ with birds or winged entities.

I got nothing for ‘X’. If you know something, please share it with me. I’m always open to learning something new. The next is a two for one.

The Zoroastrian faith is a monotheistic religion derived from a previous Persian polytheism where the lesser gods became Yazatas (angels) in the new faith.

Well, that's all she wrote (as they say). I hope you enjoyed this exploration of angel lore and maybe even learned a few things. Please stick around this blog to see my next series all about music.

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