Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Mango goes to the Beach

Rebecca Tran

In my last post about Mango I told you how he came home with us and got his name. If you missed it you can read it here.

The spring after Mango came to live with us we took a family trip to Dauphin Island, AL. For those who don't know Dauphin Island is located off the Gulf Shore just south of Mobile, AL. It's famous for its white beaches, Estuarium, and quiet family atmosphere. The whole island is very laid back and relaxing. It was the perfect get away for a busy family. When we decided on a week away we knew Mango had to go with us. 

I found a house to rent that allowed us to bring Mango with us. We packed up the car and started the 12 hour drive. Unfortunately, it rained most of the day and the trip got very old pretty quickly. Poor Mango was trapped in his travel cage for long stretches. Every time we stopped we let him out to potty but he hates the rain more than we do. He cowered in the freezing downpour while looking at us with sad pitiful eyes. Needless to say, he didn't go potty. Then he happily got back in his cage ready to go again. We found a hotel that night and all of us got some rest. 

The next day we drove another six hours in, surprise, more rain. By the time we reached island, it finally stopped. We unpacked and Mango got a reprieve. That evening we had time for a walk on the beach and a nice dinner. Mango got to enjoy a walk to the beach and back but if the
girls stepped foot on the beach they had to get in the water and we couldn't manage him and them. We sat on the porch a long time enjoying the sound of the surf and the girls played with Mango. 

The next day was supposed to be a full day at the beach. We made it to the beach for about an hour before the rain struck again. It was back to the house to find a way to occupy the kids. We as a family were disappointed but Mango was happy to see us back early. Lucky for us we brought games and coloring books. We decided on a game and sat down to play. 

Mango wanted out of his home to play as well. We can never deny our puppy. Mango came out to play. He ran around the living room begging for pets. Mango gave us the cute puppy eyes gaining attention however he could.

As the game wore on Mango grew suspiciously quiet. Like children it's never a good thing when puppies are quiet. We went in search of him. It didn't take us long to find him happily chewing on the carpet. It was one of those "Oh no!" moments. There was a hole where the carpet met the linoleum. We had no way to fix it. All we could do was keep Mango from doing it again. 

The poor little guy spent the rest of the trip in his home unless we were able to carefully watch him. Don't get the wrong idea. Mango's home is a portable exercise pen. For a 15-pound dog its like having a mansion. We also loved on him and took him for long walks.

Mango still loves to chew. Stuffed animals and small toys can't be within his reach or they become his chewies. He chases racket balls because tennis balls are too easy to tear apart. I don't think it will ever change and that's alright. We love him just the way he is. We also have big plans to take Mango on vacation with us next summer. I bought a camper and Mango will go everywhere with us. He even has his own life vest; which he's already tried to chew.

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After two years Tess is back in Arizona. Her father and her tribe needs her help. As much as she wanted to stay away, she can’t deny them. Some good came out of it at least. Dean is the local werewolf alpha and her current boyfriend. She was beginning to think he was part of the reason she was suddenly pulled home. Then Tess ran into her in a coffee shop. Tess’ world tilted. Mac the reason Tess left Arizona in the first place. She is every bit as beautiful, and she comes with a delicious partner Paxton. Tess’ neat little world is about to get very complicated. Will Tess walk away again or surrender to her desire?

Mac is the new leader of the dragon’s Southern Territory. So far she and her partner Paxton has had one problem after another. They were thrown in the deep end from the start and are barely treading water. Sorting out the problems on the territory is a huge headache that’s left the pair exhausted. The bigger drain on Mac most days though, is her relationship with Paxton and their non-existent sex life. She is at her wit’s end until she sees her ex. Tess, the one that got away. When Paxton meets Tess, he finally shows interest in their love life. He is falling for the wrong woman, and Mac is desperately trying not to do the same. Tess broke Mac’s heart once, now she’s worried the same will happen to Paxton. However, both their beasts are pulling them helplessly towards Tess at every turn.  Can Mac resist her past love? Can she keep her partner from the same heartache she felt or will they both risk it all for love?

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