Thursday, September 21, 2017

My Music Part 2 #OurAuthorGang

My Music Part 2 by
Rick Haynes

‘Children’ by Robert Miles woke me up. I felt it was the 60’s all over again. I was excited, for my teenage years had returned.
The album was brilliant, the follow up, nearly as good, but of course he wasn’t the only one spending hours and hours behind a mixing desk. Over the next few years I discovered a blossoming new world of dance music, and did I enjoy myself. The music of Tiesto, Roland Klinkenberg, and others burst out from my speakers.

My sons were amazed that, not only did I know the names of their favourite producers/artists, I had their CDs as well. I was once more on the collection trail, but this time I found it more difficult to find exactly what I wanted. There was a huge difference between those producing their tunes, and those working away on a computer in their bedroom. Yet many of those bedroom fanatics went on to make some great music. 

Just before the year 2000 arrived, a song was released that I just had to have. As soon as I heard, ‘Century,’ I imagined myself at a party with one minute to go before the clock strikes midnight. Sung by Calvin Harris and produced by Tiesto - he also wrote the simple lyrics - this is a New Years Eve classic, as it makes you want to get up, sing, and dance.

Can you hear me?
Now put your hands in the air
For a century

My son’s girlfriend, later to become his wife, couldn’t believe I was playing, Paul Oakenfold. His Global Underground CD, ‘Live in New York,’ was, and still is, the greatest one hour mix that I’ve ever heard. With my other son now a part time DJ, I received regular updates about my type of trance music. I was so proud when he produced his first collection of trance and house music. By the time he had released his fifth album, I had compiled a selection of my favourites which are played regularly when I’m driving.

Now you may think that my music tastes had completely changed. They hadn’t, but from the turn of the century it had become increasingly difficult to find new melodic rock bands. Youngsters found it difficult to play outside of their village hall, or bedrooms, as no matter how good they were, gigs were rare, and airplay impossible. From decades of young people buying guitars, keyboards, and drums, we now had an era of synthesised music. I liked it, but being greedy, I wanted new rock bands to emerge and enthral me.

I went to see a master blues guitarist, Robin Bibi. I loved his show, and afterwards we had a good chat. I mentioned AOR, and he laughed, explaining that it was his term for, any old rubbish. He looked me in the eyes, smiled, and told me that it really meant album-orientated rock. The name had originated in the USA, and was focused on album tracks from rock artists.
Bingo! It was no wonder I couldn’t find any new bands. Searching under the melodic rock tag only brought up old favourites. It didn’t take long to find the new bands, yet, as expected, only one came from England.

Houston, AOR - the band of that name, 101 South, Giant, China Blue, the list went on and on. The one English band – FM – had been around awhile but were still touring. So many, previously closed doors were now wide open. I walked in and starting collecting once more.
101 South, is fantastic. One of their tracks is called, ‘When You’re In Love,’ and one line, ‘The best things in life I’ve already found,’ is so apt for me. 

FM, are also great and I’ve managed to see them perform twice. When they supported Europe, and Foreigner, everyone said that FM stole the show. Maybe they did at that, but there is one thing I’m certain of. After so many years, meeting so many bands, FM is the best at interacting with their fans.
I’ll carry on collecting, and will enjoying finding new music until the day I pass. I hope that you have as much fun as me, for no matter what, music really is the sustenance to sustain us though the good, and the bad times.

Keep on rocking.