Friday, April 27, 2018

How the Elves Turned Evil

Rich Feitelberg

So as you may recall from my previous blog posts about my fantasy setting, Thalacia, King Argol fought many demons that roamed the landed. In the final battle, the last demon was defeated by Argol was lost and the magic crown he wore was destroyed. The gems in the crown, the Aglaril, were not harmed, just scattered and lost. 

The Aglaril Cycle, my fantasy series, is all about how the gems are found once more.

Meanwhile, the elves were not happy when news of Argol’s death became known. But it wasn’t until another group of humans was encountered that internal differences among the elves began to surface. 

The humans they encountered were clearly not related to the humans who had accidentally summoned the demons in the first place. But that didn’t matter to some of the elves. And it was Argol’s wife, Queen Emeriel who insisted all humans be killed to avenge Argol.

But other calmer voices called for peace and a resumption of relations with the humans.

In the end the elves split into two groups and those led by Emeriel left the elven forest and began to plot the destruction of all humans in the world.

Over the centuries that followed they were quite successful harassing and contributing to the fall of human civilizations. But when the kingdom of Thalacia was formed, things began to chance.

More about that in my next post.