Tuesday, July 17, 2018

I've Got Your Back Buddy: a Short Story by Erika M Szabo

I’ve Got Your Back, Buddy

Short Story by Erika M Szabo

Today I'm going to tell you a little story about my brave cat, Miau, and her best buddy, Lucky.

It was a beautiful summer day and my hubby and I were enjoying our afternoon coffee on the patio. Miau, our Calico cat, took a catnap on my lap and our Sheppard, Lucky, was snapping at the pesky flies in the shade of the forsythia bush.

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We watched the hummingbirds drinking nectar from the flowers on the windowsill. The tiny birds flew lightning fast to their nest on the pine trees in the backyard carrying the sweet nectar to their young ones.

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The peaceful time was interrupted when my hubby’s friend, Carl, pulled into the driveway. He got out of the car, quickly opened the back door and let out his Rottweiler, Crow. The dog ran over to the azalea bushes to relieve himself.

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“I’ll put the leash on him in a minute. He just had to go badly, it was a long ride,” he said, and with the leash in his hand, he started walking toward his dog.

Feeling worried, I stood up. Past experiences taught us to be cautious when Crow was around. He was a bully and attacked our gentle natured dog to show her who’s boss when he wasn’t securely tied up on the leash.

I was watching Carl approaching his dog, but before he could get close, Crow bolted and ran toward us. My hubby yelled, and his friend tried to catch the dog but slipped on the grass and fell to his knees. I watched in horror as Lucky cowered behind my hubby.

Suddenly we heard a loud meow. I saw Miau darting, charging like a bullet toward the approaching Rottweiler. She pounced, let out a furious growl and sank her needle-sharp claws into the huge dog’s face. Crow let out a painful cry and tried to shake the cat off his face. Miau wouldn’t let go and she kept growling furiously.

Carl finally caught up with the Rottweiler and clipped the leash on his collar.

My hubby tried to peel Miau off the dog’s face. After a brief struggle, the tiny, growling and hissing furball pulled her sharp claws out of Crow’s face and let him go.

Hubby put Miau down. The cat puffed her hair, indignantly hissed a few times, and then walked to our shaking dog, Lucky. The cat licked Lucky’s face as if she was saying, “Don’t worry about that thug buddy, I’ve got your back.”

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The tree of them crossed the rainbow bridge long ago and I'd like to believe that Miau and Lucky have found each other there, too.

And I also like to believe that if Crow tries to bully Lucky, Miau is right by her side to protect her best buddy.

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