Thursday, December 27, 2018

Savor the Season

Savor the Season

Christina Weigand

Hi all. Just popping in between the Christmas festivities to wish you all a Blessed Christmas season and a grace filled New Year.
As you read this I will be driving to Vermont for my third Christmas celebration. The season started a little early for us this year as we gathered on Saturday December 22 to celebrate with my brother, sisters and their families. They continued on December 24 when we attended 10:00 p.m. mass. On December 25 we woke up early exchanged gifts between the three of us and then waited for the madness to start. Most of my husband’s family along with our second oldest son arrived at our house between 3:00 and 4:00. There was a wonderful dinner, with everybody contributing something so no one would be overly burdened. After dinner we exchanged gifts, played a game and had some lively discussions.

Now after a day of cleaning, tying up loose ends and resting a little we are traveling to Vermont to visit our oldest son and his family.

For most people December 26 or at the latest December 27 signals the end of the Christmas season. All the stores are having huge Christmas sales to clean out the Christmas merchandise just in time for the swimsuit season. Radio stations have stopped playing Christmas music and television programming has returned to its usual fare. It seems like no more Christmas cards arrive and all the beautiful Christmas lights are turned off.

I believe that the Christmas season begins on December 25 or in this case the 20th and not the day after Halloween or Thanksgiving. The months of November and December are a time to prepare our hearts and spirits; to take time and be thankful for all our gifts and to show others that they are appreciated.

In Erika’s post the other day you saw a list of all the holidays in the month of December. All of these holidays had a common theme of celebration and gift giving. So my suggestion for you no matter what your celebration; take time to enjoy it, share with family and friends. Mostly give yourself and the holiday its due. Don’t let it end after the meal is finished and the wrapping paper scattered about. Savor the season, be infused with all that the season is meant to be. I know I certainly intend to.

Happy Winter Holidays.

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