Thursday, July 19, 2018

Dragons: What to Know Part IV

Dragons: What to Know Part IV

Christina Weigand

In the last post I introduced two of the Chromatic dragons: black and blue dragons. That post can be seen here. Today I will take a look at Green, Red and White Dragons.

Green Dragons: These creatures tend to be belligerent and masters of intrigue, politics and backbiting. They are territorial and aggressive as any other evil dragon, but their aggression takes the form of schemes to gain power and wealth. Their lust for power is only rivaled by their desire for treasure. In dealing with other creatures green dragons are honey-tongued, smooth and sophisticated. But when it comes to their own kind they are loud, crass and rude.

Mating is a course and indelicate thing, although when they decide to mate their lawful nature is brought out and a strong bond develops. They teach their young all the skills necessary for effective manipulation and double-dealing. Once the young ones are grown the parents chase them off and go their separate ways.

Lairs are found sheer cliffs or hillsides. They prefer the entrance to be hidden such as behind a waterfall or near a lake, pond or stream that provides a submerged entrance.  Preference is given  to locales with some kind of vegetable life.

Green Dragons aren’t picky about the treasure they hoard. Anything valuable will do although they favor anything that reminds them of a great victory.

Red Dragons: Red dragons are considered the most evil of the dragons, an opinion they heartily agree with. They believe themselves to be the closest to the ideals of draconic nature and behavior. All other dragons have fallen from this purity. Most covetous of all the dragons they tirelessly seek to increase their treasure.

Courtship is a dangerous affair, because most suitors are considered rivals. Females do most of the courting and it usually involves a younger dragon approaching and older one. After the eggs are laid these younger dragons are left to guard the eggs. Most red young ones are left to fend for themselves.

Lairs can be found in mountainous terrain or hilly regions, badlands and other places wher they can perch high and survey their domain. The cave extends deep into the earth and ones with geothermal or volcanic activity are most desired.

The favorite treasure of the Red Dragon is anything with some monetary value and every dragon knows the exact value of his horde. No one dares to take even the smallest piece of the dragons treasure for fear of losing their life when discovered.

White Dragons: White dragons are the smallest, least intelligent and most animalistic of the dragons. In spite of this they have excellent memories and will conduct a vicious vendetta against those that offended them.

White dragons spurn others of their kind except in the case of the opposite gender. they are fond of carnal pleasure and have been known to mate for the fun of it. Tending eggs is not something they are prone to do although they often lay their eggs near their lairs and one or both parents will allow the offspring to move in for a short time. The young ones must care for themselves, but do gain some protection and education from their nearby parents.

Lairs are generally located in frigid climates like arctic areas. The lair is usually an ice cave with subterranean chambers that open away from the warming rays of the sun.

The most coveted treasure is diamonds, but they will take anything sparkly and shiny.

Next time we meet I will talk about the Metallic Dragons, starting with the Brass Dragon. Until we meet again Bensvelk Kear (that is good day in Dragon).

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