Sunday, July 1, 2018


Guess the date correctly and win a $50 gift card

Loki, our mascot, is very eager to see people entering the guessing game because every time a new person follows our blog, he gets a super-tasty treat.

The Author Gang formed a year ago and our mission is to support Indie authors and each other. We post something interesting, useful or fun every day, and we have guest authors on weekends.

This poll will be open until August 15 and we will announce the winner when the blog reaches 200,000 views

Guess the date when our blog will reach 200,000 views

Enter the game and follow the instructions below:

The Author Gang

 Mary Anne Yarde

Rebecca Tran

Toi Thomas

Erika M Szabo 

Lorraine Carey 

 Grace Augustine

 Joe Bonadonna

Christina Weigand

Ruth de Jauregui

 Nicola McDonagh

Tricia Drummeh

Joanne Jaytaine

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