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I originally studied fine and commercial art, way back when dinosaurs walked the earth and eBooks weren't even a gleam in Amazon's eye. I started my career as a graphic artist as the sign maker at the old Nut Tree in Vacaville, California. After a stint at a print shop (ouch), I began working as a book designer for Bill Yenne at American Graphic Systems. While working for Bill, I wrote my first two books, "Ghost Towns" and "100 Medical Milestones That Shaped World History."

After the book market tanked in the mid-90s, I went on to a government job where I wrote, designed and produced newsletters for in-house and clients, annual reports, and materials for special projects, including the North Bay Stand Down for homeless and at-risk Veterans.

Through the years, I've written numerous how-to, informational and news brief-type articles for websites such as SFGate, AZ Central, DailyPuppy, LiveStrong, PawNation, eHow and more.

My latest book is "50 Fabulous Tomatoes for Your Garden." It is the first of a planned series of full-color gardening eBooks that provide the history, description, and seed or plant sources for the featured plants. It also has a how to grow section with information on germinating, transplanting, watering and fertilizing the tomatoes.

I also wrote "The Soul of California - Cooking for the Holidays," which was published in January 2013, featuring my own California Soul recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Super Bowl Sunday.

While I plan more nonfiction work, I've been derailed by Bitter. My upcoming novel is a crime noir/urban fantasy that does NOT feature vampires, sparkling or not. Bitter is a hard-boiled Sacramento homicide investigator that is firmly planted in the "real" world, despite the mysterious happenings that surround her. Readers can check out the short story Bitter Blood, which will be forever free, at When I'm ready to publish Bitter, Bitter Blood will be available free on Kindle and included in the hard copy of Bitter. 

I also started a steam funk novel featuring an alternate history of California and the United States. It is now in the research and outline stages. (OK, I'm really a pantser. I have an idea and then the characters grab the keyboard and away we go!)

I also intermittently write in several blogs and maintain a book website focused on Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens and Young Adults of Color -- Alien Star Books,

Ruth's Books

From the earliest days of the Americas to the Gold Rush(es) to Black Gold, towns have arisen and faded into a few tumble-down buildings. Some ghost towns had a short and colorful life and have now completely disappeared, while others evolved into tourist attractions. 192 pages
Ghost Towns is currently out of print - Available in used copies only

Intended for the interested layman and students ages 7 to 12, 100 Medical Milestones presents a history of medical innovations from the development of acupuncture in 2700 B.C. to the advent of cloning and the manufacture of bodily organs in 1997. 112 pages

This collection of soulful California cuisine recipes incorporates the casual lifestyle of the West Coast with the deep roots of the South, nearby Mexican traditions and delicious Asian influences. Organized by menus, the cook can mix and match the recipes to impress his or her family and friends.
25 recipes - 40 pages

50 Fabulous Tomatoes for Your Garden presents 50 favorites to plant and enjoy in your salads, sauces, and soups, or preserve by dehydrating or canning. The book includes a little background history on each heirloom or hybrid, a description of the tomatoes and their uses, and sources for seeds or plants. Full-color images of each tomato allow you to see what the tomato looks like, although your results may vary according to your garden and climate. A full how-to-grow section completes the book, with instructions on starting seeds indoors, preparing the garden, transplanting outdoors, and water and fertilizing instructions. Novice gardeners will find this information essential as they start growing their own favorite tomatoes. 

Among the essential hints, tips, and tomato growing knowledge shared in this book is the little-known fact that the "days to harvest" listed on the tomato package indicates the days after you plant your seedlings in the garden. Add six to eight weeks (42 to 56 days) to those days to find the full amount of time from when you plant the seeds to harvesting your first ripe tomato. 

The favorites described are old-time favs, such as 'Mortgage Lifter' and 'Cherokee Purple' as well as hybrids like 'Green Zebra,' 'Sun Sugar,' and 'Sub-Arctic Plenty.' Whether you prefer sweet cherry tomatoes, giant beefsteaks, or novelties like 'Reisetomate,' there's a tomato to suit your taste.

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