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Hello out there in cyberspace! I write Heroic Fantasy, Space Opera, Sword & Planet Sci-Fi, Sword and Sorcery Fantasy, Children's Books, and I also dabble a bit in Horror stories. Here's a little bit more about me and my books.

MAD SHADOWS: THE WEIRD TALES OF DORGO THE DOWSER, is my first novel, published by iUniverse. It's epic Heroic Fantasy with a film noir edge. Six novellas linked together by my main character, Dorgo the Dowser, who uses a very special dowsing rod to help him solve crimes involving magic, the supernatural, and the paranormal . . . all set in an alternate-world of the 14th century. It can be purchased in paperback, hardcover, Kindle, and Nook editions. (Winner of the 2017 Golden Books Reader's Choice Award for Best Fantasy.)

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MAD SHADOWS II: DORGO THE DOWSER AND THE ORDER OF THE SERPENT is my fourth published novel. It's another Heroic Fantasy with a film noir twist, featuring more magic, murder, mystery, monsters and mayhem, all brought to you courtesy of Dorgo the Dowser. It's available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions. (This volume includes the revised and expanded version of "The Book of Echoes," which first appeared in the Kindle anthology, Azieran Adventures Presents Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sword and Sorcery, published by Heathen Oracle.) 

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THREE AGAINST THE STARS is my second published novel, an old-fashioned space opera. It's about the Space Marines of  the future, stationed on an alien planet where they discover a conspiracy by the former fascist regime, which is now allied with an alien, enemy empire. Published by Airship 27 Productions. It's available now from, in paperback, Kindle and Audiobook editions.

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WATERS OF DARKNESS, co-authored with David C. Smith, is a swashbuckling pirate adventure of swords and sorcery. Set in the mid-17th century, in Madagascar and Africa, it deals with enemy pirates, an ancient curse, an undying wizard, and a Lovecraftian horror. It's now available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions.

THREE GHOSTS IN A BLACK PUMPKIN is my first collaboration with acclaimed author and illustrator, Erika M Szabo. This is also my first children's book, appropriate for ages 8 to 14, although adults may enjoy it, too. This is heroic fantasy about two cousins, Nikki and Jack, who find a talking wind chime in the shape of a silver skeleton named Wishbone Jones, and a black pumpkin in which the ghosts of the three good witches known as the Wishmothers have been imprisoned. To free them, Nikki and Jack travel to the magical world of Creepy Hollow, where they face all sorts of dangers and tests, and learn a few lessons about life and growing up. Available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions. (Winner of the 2017 Golden Books Judge's Choice Award for Children's Fantasy.)

Book Trailer:

Nikki and Jack return to Creepy Hollow in this new, action-packed fantasy adventure for middle-grade children and young adults.

On her 13th birthday, Nikki discovers she has magical powers. During a surprise attack by the giant Mutanto, his henchmen Howler and a gang of Werewolves, Wishbone, Ghoulina and Catman arrive to save the kids and tell them about Evila the Grim Witch’s plans to conquer Creepy Hollow. Nikki also learns the truth about what happened to her parents twelve years ago. She and Jack go back to Creepy Hollow with their friends to help them defeat Evila. Jack discovers he can talk to animals when they meet a herd of Wild Horses and he becomes friends with Champ, the clumsy young colt, and Sparky, the orphaned dragon.

Together, Nikki and Jack conquer their fears and gain courage, and in the final battle against Evila and her minions they grow into the warriors they were destined to become.

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THE BLOOD OF THE LION, my first Sword and Soul Heroic Fantasy tale, appears in the anthology Griots 2: Sisters of the Spear; each story features different women of color. My story concerns the adventures of a brother and younger sister as they journey through the dark rain forest, facing countless dangers while searching for the one Juju Woman who can break the spell that has cursed the older brother and save their tribe. Available in paperback, Nook, and Kindle editions.

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Heroes in Hell, created in 1986 by author author Janet Morris' long-running series set in Hell, featuring famous and infamous historical, as well as some popular fictional characters. All books are published by Perseid Press, and are available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook editions. 

The stories I write for Heroes in Hell feature such characters as Dr. Victor Frankenstein, his famous Monster, Mary Shelley, Galatea, Quasimodo, Errol Flynn, Douglas Fairbanks Sr, Jean Harlow, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Plato, Socrates, da Vinci, Descartes, Jimmy Hoffa, Frank Nitti, and many others . . . all from different centuries and eras, all now spending an eternity in Hell.

My stories WE THE FURIOUS, and UNDERTAKER'S HOLIDAY (this one in collaboration with Shebat Legion) both appear in Poets in Hell volume 18. 

Book Trailers: 

My story, HELL ON A TECHNICALITY, appears in Doctors in Hell, volume 19.

My story, THE PIRATES OF PENANCE, appears in Pirates in Hell, volume 20.

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My story, THE DRAGON'S HORDE, appears in the Heroic Fantasy anthology, Heroika: Dragon Eaters. The story concerns the birth of the first queen dragon in 500 years, and a man who sets out with a woman and her two strange wolverines to destroy the new queen before she can breed another race of dragons bent on the destruction of mankind. Heroika: Dragon Eaters is a brand-new series of all-original tales created and edited by author Janet Morris, and published by Perseid Press. Available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and Audiobook editions. 

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As the title suggests, my story, SINBAD AND THE GOLDEN FLEECE, concerns the adventures of legendary sailor as he and his crew search for the fabled but long-lost Golden Fleece. It appears in the shared-world anthology, Sinbad: The New Voyages, Vol 4, published by Airship 27 Productions. Available in paperback Kindle, and Audiobook editions from Amazon.

The original version of my story, THE BOOK OF ECHOES, appears in the Kindle anthology, Azieran Adventures Presents Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sword and Sorcery. In this story, Dorgo the Dowser must find out who has stolen a book from another world . . . the most dangerous, powerful and deadly book in the universe.

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SHA'DAA TOYS - The mother of all apocalypses, The Sha’Daa, is back! The mysterious Johnny the Salesman is up to his usual eldritch tricks and his latest ally, the immortal toy seller Willy Carroll, just might have the answer to saving planet Earth from destruction if he can sell enough supernatural toys at Whirligigs toy store in Chicago to turn the tide against evil. Twenty-six authors of the macabre offer up twenty-two gruesome tales of supernatural toys in this delightful shared-world adventure.

Featuring Samuel Meant-Well vs the Little Black Cloud of the Apocalypse, written by Shebat Legion and Joe Bonadonna. Poor Samuel. He meant well. But things never turned out that way. He always wanted to be a superhero and do the right thing. And then one day the Little Black Cloud of the Apocalypse came to town.
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