Grace Augustine

My fascination with the written and spoken word began as a 6th grader. I was like a sponge. I couldn’t get enough spelling, sentence diagraming, and literature. This passion followed me through junior high and high school and into adulthood.

I’m a Jill of most trades: co-owned a weekly newspaper, administrative office work, kitchen design, custom jewelry creation, wedding planning, floral design, preaching sermons, public relations and marketing, designing social media promotions, copy and manuscript editing, and now add the title author to this mix.

I write mainly romance in several genres. The Acorn Hills series is a seven-book series based in the Pacific Northwest and deals with life issues and romance for the over 50 yr. old group. I have written a paranormal romance trilogy, a 40+ yr. collection of poetry/prose, a contemporary romance, and a self-help book. I am currently working on book 1 in a Christian romance suspense series.

I’m originally from Northern Montana, currently live in Iowa, have 2 adult sons and a three-year old cat named Bou, who is Princess of the Manor. I enjoy hearing from my reader and author friends and may be contacted at:

My Books

Secrets of Dalgaard Castle
part of Stoking the Flames II Anthology
     Dalgaard Castle stood proud among modern homes as a reminder of the battles of yesterday. Centuries ago, the bloodiest of wars between the Fire Dragon Guard and the Ice Dragons, who ruled Taydaryn, destroyed much land, homes, and lives—including the Queen’s husband, Amarice.
     Brenna Dalgaard, the elder daughter of Queen Isara and King Consort Amarice, lived in two worlds. She loved her small Norwegian home, but also loved her thriving designer clothing business in Chicago. Brenna traveled home as much as her life would allow.    
     Tirdon, Assistant to the Prime Minister of Taydaryn, continues to support and uphold the laws of the kingdom and aide in any way possible. Amarice had faith in him to place him in this position with the command of keeping an eye on his elder daughter, Brenna.  
     Tirdon and Brenna have danced around each other their entire lives. A misfortunate accident brings the two closer than either thought possible.  Will an ancient secret split them forever or bring their love for each other out of the shadows?
Stoking the Flames anthology

Protected by His Grace

     Rev. James Turner takes his job seriously. As pastor of Lindenport Christian Church, he makes sure his congregation are spiritually fed and that their needs are met, especially during the holidays.
     Thanksgiving, Advent, and Christmas Eve services are a mainstay to the Christian faith. At Lindenport Christian Church, it's no different. The Thanksgiving community dinner and decorating committees have the church decked out for the holidays.
     Pastor James' faith is challenged when a beautiful female parishioner confides in him about her past, putting both and their loved ones in danger. 
     The magical beauty and wonder of Christmas Eve is a perfect backdrop for remembering God's continued protection through adversity.

IF ONLY...A Diva to the Guides Prequel

     Charisse Carrington has loved flying since she first went up in an airplane at a county fair when she was eight years old. Her fascination led to a pilot's license at eighteen, and a job as a helicopter pilot with the local police department drug enforcement office. Her special metaphysical abilities place her in an awkward position when details of a crime are revealed to her in a dream vision that she must share with Mark.
     To Mark Seymour, there's nothing better than putting drug pushers out of business. He's the top undercover drug cop in town. He is handsome, with or without his disguises, has a penchant for beautiful women, and dedicates himself to making his community a better place.
     Mark and Charisse join forces to solve a double homicide, a kidnapping, and other issues that may tear apart their relationship. 

Bittersweet  Book 1 The Acorn Hills Series 
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     Jake Evans, a savvy businessman, had it all...a magnificent home in Acorn Hills, a great job, money to burn, and the perfect girlfriend, but his wandering eye seemed to always get him in trouble. 
     Jillian Halloran was your typical girl-next-door. Widowed at a young age, she raised her two sons with the help of family and friends. Now they boys are on their own, Jillian enters the world of entrepreneurship. 
     After finding a puzzling note on Jake’s desk, she confronts him.  It results in life changing circumstances. She takes solace in the comfort of her friends as she works through the heartbreaking split, the love they shared, and everyday life.
     Bittersweet, Book 1 of The Acorn Hills series, brings memories of painful relationships and good friends who are there when the going gets tough.

Mystic Capers  Book 2 The Acorn Hills Series 
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    Ginger Farnsworth grew up in the late 60’s and early 70's. She was the captain of the high school cheer squad, led the dance and flag team, and aspired to be the best chef in the world. Holding onto those dreams she opens Mystic Capers pastry and catering.
     Jordan Everling hadn’t dated for a while, but his heart skipped when he spotted Ginger checking out the produce at an outdoor market.  He hands her a business card, and asks for her to call about a possible catering job.
     Weeks pass with little communication between them. On Ginger’s 40th birthday, Jordan crosses her path again and this time, sparks fly, and a relationship blossoms, in spite of her mother’s disapproval. 
     Mystic Capers, Book 2 of the Acorn Hills series, will tug at your heart strings as you remember the milestone events of your life. It’s funny, romantic, and brutally realistic. Look carefully, you just may see a wee bit o' ye between the lines.

Sultry Sensations  Book 3 The Acorn Hills Series 
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     Denise Berrie was the overweight teen no one befriended. Her father left when she was two years old and her mother was an alcoholic who seemed to always need a man in her bed. The countless adversities in her growing up years took their toll, including some difficult life-changing decisions. Now an adult, Denise flourishes in her position with a local title and abstract office.
     David Turner, an ex-Vietnam Vet, floated from job to job after returning home. After being strung out on drugs and alcohol, he sobered up, and bought half of a local tavern, bartending at night. 
     When the corporate bigwigs come to town, Denise accompanies them for drinks at David’s bar.  After a few cocktails, Denise finds herself in a sticky situation and David comes to her rescue. What a beginning to a new friendship!
     As David and Denise grow through their circumstances, they become each other’s rock, discovering the importance of having someone to lean on. 
     Sultry Sensations, Book 3 of the Acorn Hills series, is filled with life issues, situations that find you on the edge of your chair, and a love that runs so deep nothing can destroy it.

 Holiday Hide and Seek  Book 4 The Acorn Hills Series
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     Eve Braden was relatively new to town. She purchased the weekly newspaper and soon was immersed in community involvement, blending her love of marketing and the people of Acorn Hills in innovative ways, especially around the holidays.
     Brad Davidson, the local heavy parcel delivery man, made sure his last delivery was The Chronicle. Smitten with the flirty, sweet owner, he smiled ear to ear when his winks were countered by Eve’s own intriguing grin.
     Christmas is a time of love, sharing, and surprises of all kinds.  Brad discovers a family secret, relatives surprise other relatives, and residents come together to establish new traditions, seeking hidden treasures. Most importantly, some find what has been in front of them all along.
     Holiday Hide and Seek, Book 4 of the Acorn Hills series, makes you want to curl up with a cup of hot cider and join the party.

Richard’s Relics  Book 5  The Acorn Hills Series 
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     Richard Dempsey grew up in Acorn Hills. He was a star athlete at Acorn Hills High School whose prowess put many trophies in the cases that lined the halls. Upon graduation, Richard and a classmate enlist in the Navy and are shipped to Vietnam. 
     War and its remnants are cruel, as he finds out. One of the lucky ones that survived, his turn in Vietnam changed him. Following the suggestions of his commanders, he tried counseling, but it didn’t work. His nightmares continued.
     Meeting his friends for a few beers, Richard agrees to accompany them across the world. He finds himself in Saigon with a hope to slay the dragons that haunt him.
     Richard’s Relics, Book 5 of the Acorn Hills series, deals with PTSD, is filled with history, and a lot of surprises.

 Holiday Promises  Book 6 The Acorn Hills Series
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      Felicia Worthington, Dean at Coral Knoll Community College, is the daughter of one of the most financially elite families in Acorn Hills. Not only is she smart, but also beautiful, and the youngest woman to serve as Dean of CKCC. With her heavy work schedule, she doesn’t have time to date… that is, until she runs into Alex.
     Alex Halloran, Jillian’s oldest son, was a big jerk in high school. He was the super sports jock all the girls wanted.  Dating Felicia Worthington turned out to be a huge feather in Alex's cap… until Felicia left for college and his own selfish choices drove an irreparable wedge between them.
     Receiving his business degree, Alex returns to Acorn Hills working many dead-end jobs. Years pass before he and Felicia meet again. But when they do, they realize the spark is still between them and try to resurrect what they once had.
    In Holiday Hide and Seek, Book 6 of the Acorn Hills series, will Fate allow Alex and Felicia a second chance? What can possibly stand in their way of a happily ever after?

Special Occasions  Book 7  The Acorn Hills Series
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     For Jillian, Acorn Hills was home. It had always been home, except for the few years she’d spent in Montana.
     Her progressive, open upbringing gave her a good foundation...a foundation of morals, high standards, respect, and love.
     She was no novice when it came to life. Married at an early age, she lost her husband, raised her two sons with the help of friends and family, opened her own business, and was always willing to help anyone in need.
     Life was about lessons…lessons taught or lessons learned from life or people who crossed your path. Wanting to pass those on, Jillian journals her thoughts as a legacy to her sons. She details life, personal memories, and words of wisdom.
     In this 7th and final book of The Acorn Hills Series, the people of this community forge ahead with everyday life, realizing the importance of connectivity and lifetime friendships.

A Soul’s Kiss—Part 1 Diva to the Guides Trilogy
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     Darla Rogers loved her job as personal assistant to one of the nation’s leading destiny card readers, Karan Seymour.  Lately, Darla’s dreams were invaded by a male presence that overtook her sleep and bled into her days. The mystery male dream energy makes an appearance in human form at the sold-out convention center seminar. Only one problem, her boss happens to know the man Darla points out.
     Chase Carrington was a long-time Seymour family friend, and it came as no surprise to Karan that he would be the energy Darla had felt. Tagged as the most handsome bachelor in the county, Chase did his best to downplay that title.
Mayhem ensues for Darla and Chase when Karan does what she does best… destiny readings and matchmaking.

Ethereal Authority—Part 2 Diva to the Guides Trilogy
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     Charisse Carrington’s parents allowed her to go up in the plane ride at the county fair when she was in grade school. Once in the air, she felt free… there was no sound, there were no distractions, only the beauty of the world below. Her fascination and love of flying leads her to being a licensed pilot. She accepts a job with a local television station and, based on her credentials, is immediately hired. She is the new morning traffic girl and the best part of the job…flying over the city every morning at daybreak.
     Mark Seymour, handsome, hotshot undercover drug cop, has served with the police force for a few years. He was at his best when no one knew him and he could come and go in the middle of the most dangerous drug rings in the state. A gunshot wound shattered his knee and forced Mark into an in-house detective job. He hated desk work.
     Following a near fatal crash, Ethereal Authority brings Mark and Charisse together telepathically and they re-kindle their former relationship… but not without some bumps along the way.

 Celestial Enchantment—Part 3  Diva to the Guides Trilogy
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     Have you ever wondered about what your future holds? Walk into the world of Karan Seymour, Diva to the Guides. She's ready to share what the Universe has in store for you.
     Karan is a world renown female destiny card reader. She has always had this special gift, and early in her adult life decided to do seminars to teach the masses that this power is within everyone. She was so busy with the lives and loves of those around her that she placed hers on the back burner.
     Howard Giles, aka Bart Carrington, is a self-centered, pompous man who is the country’s leading clairvoyant. After Bart’s wife died, he couldn’t bear the pain. He changed his name and hit the road, performing seminars worldwide.
     Bart’s and Karan’s professional lives continue to cross, especially with the involvement of his daughter and her brother, and her personal assistant and his son. It seems their families are destined to combine on more than one level. A cruise on the Celestial Enchantment proves love is alive and well and no one escapes when Fate draws her romantic calling card.

Moonlight & Music
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     Blake McIntyre had held his position at Bankston Promotions for fifteen years. He is the top music artist promoter in the business. Potential clients by-passed the CEO’s daughter and sought out his expertise. He assumed that was why he was fired.  With an interview scheduled in less than six hours, he needed sleep and to be on his A-game, but the wailing coming from the apartment across the hall prevented it. 
     Renee Manelli, a frustrated musician, had worked twenty years as a paralegal. Her goal was to stockpile money, write songs, retire early, and hit the road performing. Her most creative time happened to be at 2 am. Her crystal-clear voice and messages in her songs make her the fastest rising independent artist in the country. 
     A working relationship between Blake and Renee turned quickly into the personal journey of a lifetime under the stars and Moonlight & Music.

Fragments of Reflection
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The author shares a compilation of prose, thoughts, and poetry on various subjects that embrace romance, friendship, and faith.

So, You Have MS.  Now What?
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In this self-help guide. the author explores the world of Multiple Sclerosis. It is a concise clinical explanation of the disease as well as the author's own personal journey.

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