Friday, March 29, 2019

The First Vampire

Everyone thinks they know who the first vampire is. This guy right?

Vlad the Impaler or as Bram Stoker named him Dracula. Nope dead wrong. Vampire legends stretch back to ancient Greece. Myth has it that a young Italian man, Ambrogio, fell in love with a woman named Selena after visiting the Oracle at the Temple of Apollo. Since Ambrogio was madly in love after one meeting he asked her to marry him. Luck however, was not on his side. Jealous Apollo wanted her too, and being a god he wasn't going to be out done by a mortal. Apollo cursed Ambrogio so his sun would burn everytime he was exposed to sunlight. Sound familiar?

Ambrogio didn't give up though. He went to Hades for help and you know that never ends well. In order to get Hades' help he had to steal Artemis' silver bow. Just FYI if you steal from a god don't get caught. Ambrogio either didn't know that or he was a lousy thief because Artemis caught him and cursed him as well. Now silver burned his skin.

As time wore on Artemis eventually takes pity on Ambrogio and grants him gifts to compensate for all the burnt flesh. Super strength, immortality, and fangs to kill beasts for their blood to write love letters to Selena.
 Oh how romantic! Where are my love letters written in blood?

Somehow Selena eventually escapes Apollo, and Artemis who now has a soft spot for Ambrogio tells him how they can be together. Ambrogio can make her immortal by drinking her blood. YUCK! It would kill her body, but her spirit would live on. And hey, if you want to procreate just combine your blood and let someone drink it, poof new vampire. So if you ever meet a couple named Ambrogio and Selena steer clear, well unless you want to be a vampire...or their dinner.

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