Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Where Did The Good Old Fashioned Romance Go?

The good old fashioned romance doesn't seem to be enough anymore...

Books becoming bestsellers that justify abuse and perverse relationship.
Perhaps readers are getting bored with regular romance novels? Are readers abandoning the regular romance and more interested in erotica, kinky sex scenes, domination, deviancy and abuse? The more perverse the better?
It really seems like to me, what else could explain the huge interest in these books?

Romance authors usually don’t spell out every single move the lovers make, or every single thought that runs through their head while making love. Romance writers have their clever ways to trigger the reader’s imagination and send tingles to the right places at the right moment. Also, the majority of the books are well edited, the plots are fascinating and they provide hours of great entertainment. Romance authors don’t promote physical and mental abuse, or perverse activity.

However, it seems like some readers want more. The Fifty Shades fans don’t seem to care about bad writing, grammar mistakes, limited vocabulary, or as my friend who read the first book put it, “This book seems like it was written by a sick minded, horny high school dropout teenager. I bet my shoelace has a wider vocabulary, and the story is sick and demeaning, and it justifies physical and mental abuse.”

Are readers getting desensitized and want more excitement than the good old romance novels usually offer?
This made me realize how we became desensitized to horror movies in a relatively short time. When I was a teenager, I always had a pillow in my hands, so I could hide when the scary parts came on, in even mild horror movies. I’m not a big horror fan, but if a movie doesn’t gross me out too much in the first five minutes, and my friends say that the story line is good, I give it a try.

But is the time near when the good old fashioned romance stories will be passé?
Will romance writers be forced to incorporate whips, handcuffs, leather strips and gags into their stories?
Will they have to make their characters scream in pain, bleed and be humiliated in order to meet the expectations?

Well, I'm not a fan of those stories, I'm a hopeless romantic and in my stories, although there is romance, the focus is on the emotions and story-line.
If you like love stories combined with fantasy and don't expect perverse scenes, you might like some of my books.

Happy reading!