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I like the idea of seeing myself progress as a writer and I also like being able to explore different genres. My collection of short stories, Legend of the Boy, In the Window, and Other Short Stories, is an exploration of an author’s voice and developing creativity. It’s, sometimes dark and intense, adult fiction that is suitable for teens.

It’s all about the boy…

The boy who must destroy the world so he can save humanity.

The boy who sweeps the girl off her feet.

The boy who brings two lovers together.

The boy who grows into a bad man and changes a woman’s life.

The boy who won’t let death stop him from getting what he wants.

Everything spanning from science fiction, paranormal, romance, and psychological thriller is here within the pages of this book. Which of these boys will capture your sense of wonder, rage, romance, or perhaps even fear? You decide.

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 Please enjoy this excerpt from the title story, Legend of the Boy.

A few moments of silence screeched to a halt when the boy heard the sound of joints squeaking and knobs turning. There was a slow vibration settling along the boy’s spine. He realized that he was moving. The bed he had been strapped to was slowly ascending to an upright position. The boy was frightened and bewildered. He waited in anticipation as the knobs continued to turn, the joints continued to squeak, and his bed continued to eerily rise. Once upright, the boy glanced around, darting his eyes, aware of the sweat that may drip into them. At first, he saw nothing except a white wall across the room. Then he felt a tugging below him, like a child reaching for a mother’s hand. There were wheels attached to the base of the bed struggling to achieve motion, like a train moving uphill.

Suddenly the bed jolted, jerking the boy’s body back and forth as the bed rolled across the room with a menacing screech. He shook his head in desperation. His nose flared and cheeks reddened in anger. What is the meaning of this? Pushing stiff breaths between his lips, the boy considered belting out obscenities, but then the wall began to move. It was sliding away, revealing a clear glass pane behind it. Brows furrowed, the boy took a breath assuming he would look out and see some great horror…”


Please enjoy this excerpt from the other title story, In the Window.

Tobey stepped toward Derek, his friend and partner, with an expression comparable to that of a child who’d just dropped their ice cream scoop after waiting in a long hot line. “Derek, this is our last chance. This job could turn things around. We’ve been wanting to go legit … well, this is our opportunity.”

The morning was coming, but it was bringing no light, only the gloom of a storm. Finally, Derek walked up to Tobey with an expression of understanding. “I’m still upset about you tricking me, but I’m not mad. I know why you did it, but I still can’t go in that house.”

“Why? What is it about this job that’s any different from any other that we’ve done?”

Derek looked at the window again and then at Tobey, shaking his head. He knew Tobey couldn’t see her, but it didn’t matter to him. He could see her. All the money in the world wouldn’t be enough to make him go into that house with her. He cleared his throat and told Tobey plainly, “The target is still in the house.” Droplets of rain began to fall like sporadic leaks in an old roof.

Tobey looked confused, and then responded in a matter of fact tone, “I know she’s still in the house, Derek. That’s why we’re here. It’s what we do. We’re the cleaners. We clean up the mess, get rid of the body, and flip the house … Now, unless there’s something I’m missing, we need to go to work.”

Legend of the Boy, In the Window, and Other Short Stories copyright © 2015 Toinette Thomas

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