Saturday, July 15, 2017

Guest Author Jennifer Whalen #OurAuthorGang

Our guest today

Jennifer Whalen

I write science fiction, but I am also dabbling in other genres.
I have been writing since I was a pre-teen, but my writing really took off shortly after the passing of my mother. I have Tourette Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy. I am currently working on a science fiction series, partially inspired by the James Patterson master class.

Excerpt from the book:
Stooping down in front of Jadis, the woman looked at him with fervent golden eyes, offset by a slightly flattened nose. She tilted her head slightly to one side, “Last man standing…” she said, getting to her feet, “I believe those were your very words…Colonel,” she commented, running her tongue across her glassy fangs. “Pitiful sight, right here,” said the woman, tapping her chin with her index finger, “Tell me, Colonel—how does it feel knowing this slaughter was meant for you? Does it hurt?” Stooping down again, she leaned forward and licked the top of Jadis’ ear, “I’ve won, Liesel,” she whispered in a seductive tone, her breath scorching his ear.

Jadis shoved the woman back, wincing in pain, as his injuries burned, “I would risk the last man standing if it meant the complete annihilation of SHINRA and all the monsters in it!” he said hoarsely, his eyes hard and unreadable.

Eyes full of sly cunning, the woman grinned with satisfaction, “Your men died for nothing,” she said, seizing Jadis by the front of his jacket. She yanked the man forward, their faces mere inches apart. Caressing the side of Jadis’ face with her fingers, the woman’s nails blackened and lengthened several inches. “SHINRA is untouchable,” she voiced sternly, driving her knife-like nails into his chest, centimeters from his heart.

Heaving forward, he grabbed the woman’s forearm with both hands. Jadis lifted his eyes and fixed her into his seething gaze, “I will not die so easily,” he choked, his eyes turning a luminous blue color. A deadly instinct fully engaged. “I will gladly die here—but I will be taking you with me!” he shouted.

A sudden overpowering force threw the woman backwards. Crashing into the vaulting pine, the sheer force of her body’s impact fractured the dark trunk, turning the splintered wood into airborne projectiles.