Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving Remembrances #OurAuthorGang

by Grace Augustine, Author
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Today, preparations begin for the feast of all feasts in America on Thursday... Thanksgiving. I'm sure you have your turkey thawing, your cranberry sauce made, as well as several other delectable desserts. The foods that have become tradition in your households will grace your tables as you gather with family and friends. Or, maybe you go out to eat at one of many Thanksgiving buffets in your community. Or, maybe your place of worship hosts community meals.

In years past, my table has held as many as 20 and as few as 1. It was laden with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, dinner rolls, fresh cranberry relish, and of course fresh coffee and pumpkin pie with a spritz of whipped cream. In more recent years, I've gone the non-traditional route and served ham balls and scalloped potatoes with a tossed salad.

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Whatever you choose to eat or do on this day, please remember to give thanks for the incredible gifts you are given...that can be a loving family, a warm house, food to eat, the chance to rest alone, visit with others, or volunteer at a shelter serving a meal. We often forget to take a moment and be thankful. It is with a heart of gratitude that our attitudes change.  From my little family to yours, may your turkey be juicy, may you toast to many new blessings, and may your Thanksgiving be filled with much love.

Acorn Hills is getting ready for the annual holiday parade and the group of friends you've come to know and love is preparing a holiday get together at The Art Galleria. Join your favorites...Richard, Jillian, Denise, David, Jordan, and Ginger as they enjoy the festivities of the season. New characters, Brad Davidson and Eve Braden, have some surprises of their own, including a community hide and seek for shopper dollars. (The Acorn Hills series is for mature readers 18 yrs and older)

Here's an excerpt from Holiday Hide & Seek:
  "Brad Davidson held the door open with his foot as he maneuvered the dolly with the boxes on it inside The Acorn Hills Chronicle. Two women, at different desks, were typing furiously and the almost too loud Christmas music hit his ears immediately.
   "Where do you want these?" Brad asked loudly, directing his words to the woman at the first desk.
   "Let me ask Eve."
   The woman picked up the phone and pushed a couple buttons. Soon she was asking the editor of the newspaper about the delivery and where it was to go. Before the woman placed the receiver back on its cradle, Eve appeared, confidently walking toward the front counter where Brad stood.
  "Hiya, Handsome," Eve teased, flashing a flirty smile.
   "Miss Braden," Brad nodded. "I have seven boxes today. Where would you like them stacked?"
   "Do you mind taking them directly to the print room?" Eve asked.
   Brad made his way to the back room with the dolly stacked with boxes. His heart was beating a bit faster than he liked, but it seemed to do that whenever he spoke to this woman.
   Eve was beautiful. Her blonde hair was cut in a cute, sassy style that suited her. Her clothing accentuated her petite figure. Today she wore a forest green sweater dress that was belted at the waist. Her earrings and bangle bracelets matched the large link gold choker that encircled her neck. The stacked-heel black suede boots hit her mid-calf and completed her professional look.
   Brad hadn't seen anyone in his travels that compared to her. She was always smiling, always had a smart-ass comment, and always seemed to flirt with him. Brad smiled.
   Maybe I'll just have to start flirting back."