Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Carnie Loves Books in the Spotlight at #OurAuthorGang

Hi there, Toi here. 
I’m so excited to share with you today, my new children’s book, Carnie Loves Book.
Carnie the Bookworm is an original creation I made to act as mascot and diplomat to the pursuit of a life-long dream; plus, I think he's really cute. I love to read books, write books, review books, read reviews about books, watch videos about books, and so much more. I know there are other people out there who love books as much as I do, but I created Carnie so I could have a willing and ready friend to travel this road with me at all times, that's when I decided I needed a bookworm by my side. Since Carnie Loves Books just as much as I do, I knew he'd be perfect.

Here's the blurb
Carnie is a bookworm with one love in his life- books. When Carnie loses his reading glasses, he goes on a search to find them. Read along as Carnie searches for his glasses and professes his love for reading books. 100% of proceeds supports Lit Carnivale, a book fair in the making.

Check out my “Meet Carnie the Bookworm” video here.
If you liked this, please consider following the Carnie the Bookworm YouTube channel. I hope to add more Carnie content and other stuff there very soon. 

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