Sunday, December 9, 2018

Books in the Spotlight #10 #OurAuthorGang

In the spotlight today

2018 New Apple Summer eBookAwards for Excellence in Independent Publishing: Solo Medalist Winner
2018 TopShelf Award Finalist in the Category of Memoirs (Other)
Toni Home Perm, Flexible Flyer Snow Sled, Hula Hoop, Mercurochrome, Fishnet Stockings, Beatles, Mohair, Go-Go Boots, Aluminum Christmas Tree...and, the beat goes on.
While the mushroom cloud of the Cold War hovered over us, my sister and I carried on as kids do regardless of world events. Since the daily minutiae of life provides the magic for memories to MUSHROOM WILDLY--feed your head my nostalgic recollections of growing up during the '60s counterculture.
Serious, sentimental, or silly revelations set aside: you know better than to duck and cover under a school desk for protection against nuclear fallout.

Ferocious Werewolf Virus Hits L.A.
Werebeasts Rampage Through The Streets. 
The City's In Chaos.
Nobody's Safe.
Enter Lucy Lowell, The Werewolf Whisperer.
Some call her savior.
Some call her bitch.
Xochi MagaƱa just calls her, FRIEND.
Together they kick Werebutt.
They thought there’d be no stopping them.
They didn’t know the half of it.
Welcome to the werewolf apocalypse. Hope you’re locked and loaded.
2018 Golden Quill Reader's Choice
“THE WEREWOLF WHISPERER takes the lycanthrope legend to the OPPOSITE of obedience school. The result is a feral genre mix breed that will maul your expectations as if it were a McRib sandwich” - Goodreads Review
You’ll chew right through this urban fantasy like a hound through a milk bone. 

Heroic fantasy for children 8-14
Nikki and her impish cousin, Jack, find a mysterious black pumpkin in the forest on Halloween. A wise talking skeleton, Wishbone, tells them that the ghosts of the Trinity of Wishmothers are trapped inside. The children offer their help, so the skeleton takes them on a journey to the realm of Creepy Hollow to retrieve the three wands he hid long ago in Red Crow Forest, the Tower of Shadows, and the Cave of Spooks. On her 13th birthday, Nikki discovers she has magical powers. Nikki and Jack return to Creepy Hollow. Plenty of righteous motivations drive Jack and Nikki: they protect the weak and confront evil. They conquer their fears and gain courage, and in the final battle against Evila and her minions they grow into the warriors they were destined to become. 

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