Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dragons: What to Know Part VI

Dragons: What to Know Part VI

Christina Weigand

As I promised, today we are going to explore Gold and Silver Dragons.

Gold Dragons: Gold Dragons are dedicated foes of evil and foul play.They will usually assume the form of a human or animal to pursue the evil doer. A Gold Dragon is a good listener and will listen to anybody no matter how long winded. But you had better not be talking about evil or the dragon will  mark you for future consideration.

Gold Dragons can live anywhere, but prefer secluded lairs. They favor bottoms of lakes, high plateaus, islands and deep gorges. The lair is always made of stone with numerous, beautifully decorated chambers.

Courtship is dignified and deliberate. Prospective mates will spend years debating philosophy and ethics and go on several quests together to learn about each other. Once they agree to mate they seek their ruler's approval. Some mate for life while others only for a short time. Some are monogamous and others have multiple mates at the same time. They tend and instruct their young carefully although common to send the offspring into the care of foster parents (not always dragons) when they perceive the need.

Treasure is art, especially paintings, calligraphy, sculpture and fine porcelain. They also enjoy pearls and small gems.

Silver Dragons: Silver Dragons are quite friendly and enjoy the company of humans, often assuming the form of an elderly man or a fair damsel. In spite of the fact they are long lived, they prefer to live with the short lived humans, because humans must seize every opportunity and provides a drive toward accomplishment. They will gladly assist creatures that are good and in genuine need. They will refrain from interfering until asked or until inaction would allow something evil to happen. A Silver Dragon is more concerned with protecting the innocent and healing their hurts than punishing or rooting out evildoers. 

An aerial lair on a secluded mountain peak or in the clouds is where you will most likely find a Silver Dragon. Cloud lairs have enchanted areas with solid floors for laying eggs and storing treasure. They are also known to dwell in towns or dungeons, but close to and open area, in the form of a human so they can blend in with the population.

Silver Dragons form loosely knit clans with a patriarch or matriarch.Courtship and mating is a civilized and decorous affair, and mates are found outside the clan as finding one inside the clan is taboo. Either gender can initiate courtship and once they agree to be mates they seek the approval of the clan leaders from both clans. Most mate for life. 

For treasure the Silver Dragon prefer portable treasure because of their fascination with living among humans. They especially like items that show exceptional craftsmanship including carefully cut gems to intricate carvings to textiles and jewelry.

Now you have an idea about the basic traits of dragons. These posts have only touched the surface of all there is to know about dragons, but I hope that you have enough information to greet or avoid a dragon when you chance upon one.

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