Saturday, November 4, 2017

Our Guest Today is Author J.A. Clark #OurAuthorGang

Author J.A. Clark

J.A.Clark was born in Australia and grew up in England and Southern California. Sports is a passion, but writing is what is in her heart. She's dreamed of writing since 7th grade after reading  Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. She currently resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, two dogs, and two cats.  Elementals: Coming of Age is her debut novel.

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Excitement consumes Catharine Steele as she follows in her father's footsteps, becoming the youngest space flight commander in the history of the military. She hugs her father tightly before boarding the monorail heading to her first command. She is ignoring the unexplainable dark shadows out the corner of her eye that started the morning of her twenty-fifth birthday. After boarding, she meets young commander, Andrew Westlake, and strong feelings stir deep within her. That night, terrifying nightmares of warning began. She had no idea she was destined to meet another man whose love she would deny. At the age of twenty-five, she would change the course of her life and the lives of others.

An excerpt from Elementals: Coming of Age....
            "It has been two hundred years since humans have fought against one another over land, greed, or religion. Overpopulation of Earth is no longer a threat to our beautiful planet. Humans have colonized the moon and Mars. Advancement in science and technology allowed space travel within our solar system. Enormous cargo ships harvested frozen planets and asteroids for their water. Construction of great domes on Mars allowed humans to plant life to flourish, no longer worrying about depleting our food supplies. Earth has healed, plant life flourishes, and the air we breathe is as clean as when the dinosaurs roamed."