Monday, February 12, 2018

Love is Made of Dreams #OurAuthorGang

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by Grace Augustine

     "You're my bestest friend in the whole wide world."
     "You're my bestest friend in the whole wide world."
     They sat in silence for a couple of moments before he reached for a daisy from the bouquet he'd picked for the girl of his dreams. 
     "I picked-ed these, just for you, cuz they're beautiful like you are."
     She closed her eyes and shyly turned her head, bringing the flower to her nose to inhale its fragrance.
     "Thank you."
     He smiled at her gratitude and moved closer so his shoulder touched hers.
     "I want to marry you," he declared confidently.
     "That's silly! We can't get married. We aren't old enough."
     "Will you wait for me 'til we are old enough?"
     She pursed her lips and studied the boy of her dreams. She handed him a flower from the bouquet he'd picked for her.
     "Of course, I will. You're my bestest friend. I don't want to ever be without you."
     He took off his hat, and leaned his head so it touched hers. Just for a moment, not for long. He placed his hat on the head of the girl of his dreams then gently kissed her cheek.
     "I don't ever want to be without you either."
     In silence, they stared at each other. 
     The girl of his dreams. 
     The boy of her dreams. 
     They stared. 
     They smiled. 
     They dreamed.