Wednesday, March 13, 2019

5 Reasons Why Authors Should:

Write Blog Posts and Articles

1. Articles can provide authors with presence in the jungle of the net.
If you don't already have an established, well-visited website or blog, it may take years for Google to trust your site and rank in search results. The OAG blog, because we add interesting content daily, have a pretty strong presence in search.

2. Practice makes perfect.
The more you write, the better and more unique your writing style will become.  Writing articles is a great way to practice and perfect your craft. Your articles will also help you grow your audience and get them excited about your next book.

3. Articles establish your credibility.
Having good, interesting, and valuable content is going to establish your credibility which is especially critical for nonfiction authors. Readers and buyers have millions of books and authors to choose from, but something about you and your writing needs to stand out. Finding your articles online through Google searches, or seeing them posted on your social media channels and your book selling sites, will show buyers that you are serious about your writing.

4. Writing articles enables you to build your audience.
In addition to having a presence on social sites, writing articles also help you build connections. Articles and blogs are another way for people to get to know you and your work. It’s a way for people to hear your voice. A lot of authors write articles for other blogs or website or agree to share and promote another author’s blog with their community. This is a great way to reach new audiences.

5. You get valuable feedback.
Okay, there are a few jerks who criticize anything anonymously just because they're jerks. That's why the OAG blog is set up the way that only those can comment who signed into Google.

Would you like to write articles for the OAG blog?
The posts are shared with our hashtag #OurAuthorGang. When someone clicks on the hashtag on social sites, they can see the long line of posts and if they find your article interesting, they will click your article, read your content, and learn more about you. 

Erika M Szabo