Friday, December 28, 2018

Loki’s Animal Stories: Margie the Scaredydog Fights Her Shadow

Today in Loki’s Animal Stories, author Toi Thomas recounts a true animal adventure as told from the perspective of Loki, the Small Gang of Authors mascot. So, it’s a fake true story. Enjoy!

As the new year draws near, I thought it would be fun to revisit one of the new friends I’ve made this year. So, I decided to have a chat with Margie the Scaredydog to learn more about her transition into her forever home. I was delighted to learn about her trials in getting used to daily walks.

Margie told me how much she loves to run and sniff, and chase birds, but for some reason, she’s not allowed to run and chase birds all the time. Plus, where she lives seems to have more cars than trees. At least that’s what she thought until she went for her first long walk. She started down the sidewalk as usual but after a while, all the houses were gone and there were trees everywhere. It was wonderful and she got to run and run and run. 

Margie didn’t think she and her human mom had been out that long, but on the way back to the neighborhood, the sky turned all red and purple, at least that’s what her mom said. All Margie saw were shades of grey, until… she looked down… and there was... something huge and black coming at her. Her mommy squatted down and assured her it was nothing to worry about, but Margie knew something was off. She had seen that thing before and never liked the look of it. Plus, that thing doesn't even have a smell. 

Later that night, Margie saw the black thing again, following her around the room. That’s when her mommy said the word “shadow” and laughed. Margie decided then that her shadow was nothing to worry about.
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