Thursday, August 24, 2017

My Book Promo Tricks #1 with #OurAuthorGang

What I learned from trying different book promo methods

When authors are promoting books and trying to find readers, shouting about the book and pushing it seems as futile as trying to convince a stubborn teenager to do something. The more you push, the more people will ignore you.
The first step of promo for authors is to find the best ways to get readers' attention and then show them why they should read the book.
There is a fine line between being pushy and a successful book promotion.

Let me tell you about a few tricks I learned that makes promotion easier and more successful.

Posting links on social sites, websites, and blogs

Amazon links
Most authors post their Amazon links when promoting their books, but they're not always doing it the right way. When sharing your Amazon sales page link, always use the short version of your book link.

But, never use this long link that you get by typing your book title in search:

I'm not sure why, but book reviews, when readers linked in from the long version to post their review, are more likely to have their reviews deleted.

You can link directly to your book’s "Look Inside" free preview pages. Readers more likely will read the free pages if you post the direct link than sending the potential readers to your sales page, hoping they will click “Look inside.”

This is how you can get the link:
Click on your short book link:

On the right next to the social site share buttons click "Embed"
Copy the URL link:

But don't post this long link.
Shorten the link and post like this:

Readers like to read a few pages before they buy the books

I found my flip-book style Author Magazine and book preview magazines very useful. I post the short link, usually with pictures I made for promo posts. Readers can read the preview pages and chapters, click on buying links, listen to audio book samples or watch videos.

If you'd like your own author magazine and need help making it, click on this link:

Have a great week and Happy Reading!

Next time I'll tell you other tricks that I learned about book promotion.