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Favorite Reviews #9

Our Author Gang Reviews 

Book reviews (good or bad) provide important feedback to the authors and without reviews, a book gets lost in the thousands of other books that are released every month.
Every author appreciates and values the opinion of readers but we’re strongly discouraged from engaging with readers and thank them for their reviews on publishing sites.
The authors of Our Author Gang celebrate and appreciate the readers by posting our favorite reviews between September 10 and 22. Every day a different author of the group posts about their books and quote from their readers’ favorite reviews.

Thank you for your interest in our books and happy reading!

My Favorite Reviews

I love this review because the reader loved the book. It was also my first five star review ever. And hey any time a fantasy author is compared to another well known series its a feather in their cap. 

"The Rashade has similar tones to books such as Deltora Quest and Game of Thrones as the main characters set on an adventure where there are tombs, priestesses and sword fights that will leave the reader on the edge of their seat in anticipation. Epic battles crossed with a burning desire to destroy an evil man will mean the reader will be captivated until the very end.

Not everybody is who they seem and I thoroughly enjoyed the progression of each character as we learned more about their life through the unexpected relationships that develop. The characters come from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from soldiers to priestesses to mages- humans who possess magical powers and mysterious grey eyes. Romance, swordsmanship and magical weapons will intertwine into a plot line that is consistently entertaining." ~ Literary Titan 
The review was removed from Amazon but you can read the entire review on their blog here.

I love this review because I was able to make the reader fall in love with a type of book she didn't normally read. Out of all four books in the set she picked my favorite to rave about too. 

"Book 3: Asher is king of the region. He rules with his partner, Hayden, a male too. They balance each other’s dragon and it’s a good partnership. In a move to solidify things with the South, Asher and Hayden agree to marry Skye as part of a peace treaty. But all is not as it seems and together Asher, Hayden and Skye must unleash their inner dragons for the betterment of the realm. A steamy male-female-ménage filled with twists and turns. I normally don’t read ménage but thoroughly enjoyed this one. There’s plenty of conflict but also sexual tension. The ending was superb!

Favorite Story: White Hot Ash. I love the dynamics between Asher and Hayden. It’s like they’re one soul in two bodies. Skye is a fab character with untapped strength. Loved it!

My Rating: 4.5 stars" ~ N.N. Light  You can read the full review on Amazon or on her blog

This review is short and sweet. You can feel how excited the reader is and she makes you want to read the book to.

I found this story to be original, fleshed out, and imaginative. I'm so impressed by the author's ability to write a balance of bad-ass militaristic action scenes, and meaningful inter-character connections. I enjoyed the contrast of cultures and other planets, the depth took my imagination to some awesome places. ~ Keisha Fladrick Goodreads Review

If ever you find yourself wondering if you should write a book review, the answer is yes. Whether you feel compelled to share your experience or not, go ahead and write that book review. It will mean the world to a hardworking author and will help a reader decide if it's the book for them. As a reader, I know I appreciate it when someone has come before me and shared their experience.

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