Friday, July 28, 2017

What's Romance Got to do with It? #OurAuthorGang

What's Romance Got to do With It?
by Grace Augustine

    There is a Tina Turner song...What's Love Got to do With It?  I'm turning that around today...What's Romance Got to do With It?  I'm a hopeless romantic and as such, I usually see things through rose colored glasses.

      As children, we have dreams of being fairy princesses, firefighters, policemen, queen of our own domain.  There is always a happy ever after as we line up our dolls, stuffed animals, or army men and enact how our lives will be "when we grow up."
     Being a romance writer is a phenomenal experience. I write stories where friends decide they have deep feelings for each other. Stories of life issues and hardships that are gone through together, side by side, hand in hand.  Romance.
     For me, romance is the icing on the cake...the sprinkles on the ice cream. It's those little extras--the smile, a crook of an eyebrow, the twinkle in his eye. It's the thoughtful gestures of breakfast in bed, tossing a load of laundry in the washer, taking the dog for a walk. Or maybe, it is a rose petal path to lit candles that surround a bubble bath and a glass of wine.

     Whenever I can take a character I've created and place that person (they are always real in my head) into a situation where a soft, romantic scene can playout...I've done my job.
      Here is an excerpt from my Golden Quill Awards Reader's Choice Finalist,
Moonlight & Music.

     "The hot water ran over Blake’s tanned, toned body. He stood with his back arched so the majority hit his hips. He stretched down, touching his toes. An audible groan escaped him.
          If only I could stay here. If only Renee Manelli...
          The shampoo bottle hit the floor of the shower. Blake groaned as he bent to pick up the bottle before the liquid found its way down the drain. The groan more for his rampant thoughts than the pain from bending down.
          Renee Manelli could be the new object of his obsession without a problem. He thought of how silky her skin would feel lathered up…
          As quickly as those thoughts came to him, Blake pushed them to the farthest corners and buried them. He didn’t need to be focusing on a woman now."