Monday, July 3, 2017

Adorable Westies (most of the time) #OurAuthorGang

Waiting for me to get up
Right now I am house-sitting in France for two beautiful West Highland White Terriers, better known as Westies.
The property is situated on the Alps Mariners.
I am in the mountains in the middle of nowhere. It is a beautiful area, with deep green lush mountains, and picturesque tiny villages in the valleys. Beautiful landscape, and nothing to do. But that is why I took this house-sit, this way I can catch up on my writing.
The Westies are great, we go for walks, and then they vegetate by my feet or next to me on the couch.
I have been house-sitting all over the world for the last eight years, and a few days ago I had to do something I never had to do before: take the dogs to the vet.
The female got a rash, and it got infected.
The vet gave me a medicated shampoo that I have to do every other day for 15 days and antibiotics that she needs to take for ten days.
She loves to take baths, and I soon as I say “let’s take a bath” she runs upstairs and stands by the tub waiting to be put in, so no problems there.
As for the male… he is a pain in the butt.
He has a little rash on a paw, so I have to use the medicated shampoo on his paws every day.
Well… easier say than done.
           He hides, so I have to look for him all over the house, then carry him upstairs, put him in the tub and try to put the shampoo on his paws while he runs from one end of the tub to the other one.
Back and forth, back and forth…
He doesn’t like it when I touch his paw, so he bites, so, I got him a plastic cone.
Problem solved, no more bites.
Now, just waiting for the infection to go away.

Sleeping in my room

Waiting for me to finish my shower

The house and backyard

I have two windows in my bedroom.
 The view from the front window.

View from back window