Sunday, November 4, 2018

Books in the Spotlight #3 at #OurAuthorGang

In the spotlight today


This third poetry book by Cindy offers a sample of her first two books as well as a future book. You will not find sex, violence, blood or gore, and nor will you find vampires, zombies or ghosts. You will find poems about fleeting and elusive moments captured in rhyme through the sands of time. 

Paranormal romance

Jordan Snow here. I am a dead man. Yup, deader than a doornail. Now you might think that is a bad thing, but I have found there is a whole new world out there once you are dead if you open your eyes. 
This is my continuing ghost story.
I want to tell you the story of how a bunch of laid-back ghosts took on the villainous Moira, the most dangerous Siren on the Eastern Seaboard. We went up against her because Moira had the bones of two of our men, and we wanted them back. 
First, let me take a step back and tell you how this all started. 

Fantasy, sorcery

Merrith, a lovely little girl with dark blue eyes that peer deep inside your soul. 
Child of the great prophecy, she is filled with knowledge beyond her years.
When she's around, interesting things happen!
Will she save the world or has she come to crush it?

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