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We offer interesting blog posts every day of the week and we welcome guests on Saturdays and Sundays. Each week we feature a different Guest Author, musician, and artist. Our guests and our members write about enough subjects to keep the blog interesting, and we’ll showcase any book in almost any genre, except for erotica.

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December 11
By Erika

December 9
by Erika

December 8
By Erika

December 3
Putting the Spotlight On: Crier's Knife
by Ruth

November 24
Books in the Spotlight #7

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Books in the Spotlight #8

November 10
by Erika

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Our guests in 2017
 July 7
Guest author: Barbara G. Tarn
by Erika

July 23
by Erika

July 9
by Erika
July 16
by Erika

July 29
by Erika
 July 15
by Erika

July 22
by Erika

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