Friday, May 17, 2019

Nature's Beauty

Waterfalls sing the songs of my soul

I love waterfalls from a trickle cascading down the side of a rocky cliff  to the thundering majesty of a raging river.  Each has a unique beauty that speaks to me.

My job as a truck driver, I had the opportunity to see a lot.  It was one of the few benefits of traveling the 48 contiguous states. It is also the only thing I miss as I still drive but on a designated route.  

I would watch the mountain sides as my husband drove looking for them.  Tall falls at the beginning of spring filled with winter melt-off were spectacular. 

Sometimes the rocky ledges carved out for the road to pass held mini ones especially after a storm.

Hidden cascades deep with forests are my favorite.  Easily I envision fairies and elves dancing among the spray. The sound itself is peaceful. All worries lost, they slowly float away.

I find myself amazed at how pictures of them affect me the same way being near one does. I can almost feel the spray as its music fills my ears.  From roars to tinkling bells, the sounds are clear.

Most enchanting is the way frozen falls reveal a life put on pause. Beauty for all to behold.


In town the icicles
Finally began to melt
From the caressing warmth
Of the Spring sun I now felt

On snow-capped mountains
The thaw had also begun
Drops becoming trickles
Joining together in fun

Rivulets meandering
Along worn ancient ways
Searching for shallow pools
Joining together to play

Levels growing slowly
Water-drops’ excitement strong
Knowing that their parades
Would be starting before long

The final drops get added
Causing the pools to overflow
All vying to be first
To begin annual show

From the high mountain top
To the valley far below
The drops now becoming
A cascading water flow

Magnificent Spring falls
For all in nature to see
The mountain was ending
Winter’s hold most gracefully

© Cindy J. Smith
from Voices In My Head

Twitter: @cindysvoices